A Day Full of Art

There are many cultural and art venues throughout Izmir. For example, you can watch a play at Izmir State Theatre, go to a concert at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, one of the most beautiful art centers in Turkey, or watch a ballet at Izmir State Symphony Orchestra. You can visit an art, marbling or photo exhibition at culture and art centers in the city center. You can attend a festival taking place during your time in Izmir. You may get a chance to watch world-famous artists and events at festivals, such as the Izmir European Jazz Festival, the Puppet Festival, and the International Izmir Festival.


You can watch the first-run movies in theaters in shopping centers.


There is a large number of private theaters in Alsancak and Konak. During the year, many interesting exhibitions that can be visited are held at institutions such as German Culture Center - Goethe Institute, Turkish American Association, Turkish - Italian Friendship Association, French Cultural Center, Arkas Art Gallery and Folkart Gallery.


Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center

The center, which was built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, has the first world-class concert hall of our country. In 1907, the art center was given the name of the famous composer and musician born in Izmir, Ahmed Adnan Saygun. Various concerts, exhibitions, and cultural and art events are held at the center.


With a total area of 29 thousand 500 square meters, Ahmed Adnan Saygun is one of the most qualified art centers in Turkey with its structure that is also appropriate for outdoor events; it consists of a large hall with the capacity of 1126 people, a small hall with the capacity of 243 people, and 5 exhibition halls.


Izmir State Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1975, the orchestra performs at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center and İsmet İnönü Art Center. Concerts in these centers are organized on Thursdays and Fridays. The orchestra continues its work to introduce, promote, ingratiate and develop the polyphonic music culture in the Aegean region and Izmir.


Güzelyalı Culture and Art Center

Owned by Konak Municipality, Güzelyalı Culture and Art Center hosts a variety of plays of theatre groups, concerts, symposiums and panel discussions during the year.


Ege University Ataturk Cultural Center

Located in Konak and owned by Ege University, the center hosts many concerts, events, theater plays an exhibitions during the year.



DEU Sabancı Culture Palace

The culture palace in Konak hosts concerts, theater plays and shows throughout the year. 


Izmir State Theatre

Izmir State Theatre is one of the oldest art institutions in the city. Having its curtains open since 1957, Izmir Theatre has acquired its second stage with Karşıyaka Ragıp Haykır Stage that came into service in 1957, along with the Konak Stage. The theatre still hosts gives performances toured in various cities and towns at many stages, particularly at Konak, Karşıyaka Ragıp Haykır and Karşıyaka Chamber Theatre.




State Painting and Sculpture Museum, Art Gallery

The State Painting and Sculpture Museum, Art Gallery that is located in the city center, at the same place with Atatürk Culture Center, State Theatre, and the Provincial Public Library, is in service in a three-floored building. In addition to painting and sculpture exhibitions, courses for traditional handicrafts and decorative arts such as ornamentations, miniatures, tiles, marbling, ''sim-sırma'' embroidery and felting.


Izmir State Opera and Ballet

As you wend your way on the National Library Street, you can listen to the arias of the artists rehearsing in the State Opera and Ballet building if you have a chance. This building, which is located right next to the National Library and used as the State Opera and Ballet building today, was known as the Alhambra Theatre for many years. It is also known as the ''Alhambra Cinema,'' the name given by its first operators, Ipekçi brothers. The facades and corridors of the building, whose project was designed by Galip and Tahsin Sermet, are decorated with Kütahya tiles. The four large frescos showing the world's famous theatrical plays -with light comedy being in the first place- on the walls of the theatre that was put into service in 1926 were made by the painter Naji Kalmukov (Kalmukoğlu). The theatre has been serving as the State Opera and Ballet building since 1982, and been the home of opera and ballet performances.  In terms of its craftsmanship, the structure, just like the National Library, bears the traces of the 1st National Architecture Period.


Izmir Art - Culture Park

Owned by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, this art center consists of a theatre stage, auditorium, ballet training center, exhibition hall and classrooms. There is a public cafe that is open every hour of the day in the verdant garden, where you can find many lush trees.


İsmet İnönü Art Center - Culture Park

The center at Culture Park hosts many seminars, concerts and theater plays throughput the year.


Türkan Saylan Culture and Art Center

Located at the Kıbrıs Şehitler Street in Alsancak, the center hosts many panel discussions, symposiums and exhibitions throughout the year.


Historical Gas Plant Culture Center

The Gas Plan, which was built by the company Laidloux and Sons located in Glasgow in 1862, started production in 1867. The structure, which is an important value of the city in terms of the industrial heritage, was restored by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2007. Today, the restaurant and cafe in the building welcomes guests in a calm and peaceful environment. The outdoor movie screening and lawn concerts held in the building in the evenings draw great interest.



Music Museum and Sound Library (MUZIKSEV)

The Music Museum and Sound Library (MUZIKSEV), which is in service in an old restored Izmir house across Alsancak Railway Station, is the only museum of its kind in the country. It is a museum where notes and musical books belonging to modern Turkish composers are protected, and which young people getting musical education, musicologists and anyone interested in music can benefit from. The Traditional Turkish Music Instrument Collection is exhibited at the museum.


IKSEV's Music Museum and Sound Library in Alsancak is a stop that can be visited during an "artful" day.


Arkas Art Center - Alsancak

Arkas Art Center, serving in the sea-facing part of the French Honorary Consulate building, was opened in 2011. Allocated to the Arkas Holding by the French Government for culture and art purposes for 20 years, the structure has been in service of the French governments since 1875. Exhibitions with specific themes, as well as many paintings of international artists can be seen at Arkas Art Center having 10 exhibition halls.


Folkart Gallery

Serving on a field of 800 square meters with international qualifications in Izmir, Folkart Gallery hosts various important exhibitions of many national and international artists.


Hikmet Şimşek Art Center

Opened under the name of Karşıyaka Opera and Theatre Stage in 2011, the center was given the name of the famous Turkish maestro, musician Hikmet Şimşek. The Art Center performs along with Karşıyaka Chamber Orchestra throughout the season. In the center, there is an exhibition center and a hall with the capacity of 517, including the lodge.


Arkas Center of Maritime History

Owned by the Arkas Family, the Center of Maritime History, which is the first maritime history center of Turkey, is located in a 19th century three-floored building at Bornova. In the center, it is aimed to exhibit the development of the maritime sector between 1000 BC - 20th century AD through a collection depicting the history of ships and the sector.