A Day in Touch with the Nature

Even though it is the third largest city of Turkey, İzmir is a city where you can escape the chaos of city, exhaust fumes and noise within thirty minutes at most, and listen to the birds or waves.


İnciraltı Recreational Area and City Forest, Lift Facilities in Balçova, Balçova Thermal Facilities, Karşıyaka and Bostanlı coast, Bird Sanctuary in Çiğli, Racetrack in Şirinyer, Hasanağa Garden, Pond Facilities in Buca, Homeros Valley and Recreational Area in Bornova are the natural places, to which you can easily reach with mass transportation in a short period of time.


Walk in Kültürpark

Kültürpark in the center of the city is a peaceful oasis where you can receive plenty of oxygen, listen to birds and smell the pines with the meticulously grown trees and flora.


There are 9 thousand 500 trees brought from all over the world, from America to Siberia, from Europe to Far East within the Kültürpark. Kültürpark is a paradise for pedestrians with its 421 thousand square meter area, where rarest trees of Turkey also take place.


You can easily wander in Kültürpark with your bicycle, run on walking trails and let off your stream by walking on grass are on barefoot. You can also run on 850 meters long tartan track with your jogging suits.


Enjoy the barbecue at Lift

Lift Facilities in Balçova district provides a spectacular İzmir view. With the lift, you can reach up to social rest facilities in Atatepe from Yeşiltepe with eight person cabins, painted with the colors of the rainbow. You can see the view of the coast and dam on either sides during the three-minute journey.


There are observation terraces, rural coffeehouse, café and food and beverage shops starting from the entrance of Atatepe station in Balçova Lift Facilities. Visitors can can make barbecue in the controlled self-catering picnic area and “beef house”. There are also playgrounds for children in the Lift Facilities. Note that you can’t bring food from outside. You can also easily reach to Balçova with the municipality buses from city center. Providing service between 10.00 to 23.00 every day, the facility is free for the minors below five years of age.


Both swim in the pools and make bush walks in Ilıca facilities

Ilıca facilities, where the historic Agamemnon hot springs, green fields such as Kültürpark take place in Balçova is a unique recreational area with the trees brought from different places of Turkey. There are thermal facilities in this area, where you can walk, wander on grass, listen to birds and have a dizziness from the oxygen. You can use baths or thermal pools in this thermal facility after your walk.


Live İzmir, photograph the streets

İzmir is a bright city that receives sunlight for 300 days of the year. If you are interested in taking photographs, you can photograph the city by walking. You can view the blueness of the sea in Karşıyaka, greenness of the nature in Kültürpark, İnciraltı City Forest, colorful booths of the historic bazaar in Kemeraltı, lively flowers in Hisarönü, historic streets of İzmir in Basmane, phaetons in Kordon, history of the city in Agora and vivacious city life of İzmir in every street in every hour. You can procure the materials you need to take photographs from the technological markets in large shopping malls.


In touch with the nature in İnciraltı City Forest

İnciraltı City Forest is a place where you can enjoy both the sea and the nature in İzmir. İnciraltı City Forest, where you can reach with municipality buses, covers approximately two million square meters of area with İnciraltı fishpond. You can do both sports and jogging and picnic in this area available at all hours of the day.


There are recreational areas, bridges made of natural stones, rocks and wood, walking trails and cycle lanes in İnciraltı City Forest. Wetland area where the birds shelter and spawn is protected by wire fence.


Breathe sea air on Mustafa Kemal Coast Road

Mustafa Kemal Coast Road allows walking and cycling on coastline and landside for approximately 6.5 kilometers between Üçkuyular Ferry Dock and Konak. There are many cafes on the landside of this area, where you can safely walk till the late hours during summer.


Visit the Zoo at Sasalı Natural Life Park

Opened in 2008, the Natural Life Park embodies the zoo of the city. The largest natural life park of Europe, İzmir Natural Life Park, is one of the prestige projects of İzmir. Thanks to the special arrangements made in the area, the necessary conditions are provided for the comfort of the animals. The Natural Life Park has been increasing the number of species and varieties with 1048 animals in 128 species. Being a member of The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), the Natural Life Park attracts great attention especially from children. There are Asian elephants, African savannas, tigers, lions, cougars, birds of prey, hyenas, bears as well as a wolf shelter, a monkey island, the children's zoo, a tropical center, a cafeteria and a gift shop in the park.


Photo safari in Bird Sanctuary

Gediz Delta, starting from Mavişehir and reaching out to Foça hills, covers a large area of 40 thousand hectares. With this surface area, the delta is the fourth largest delta of Turkey.


Shore swamps, fresh water swamps, water meadows, reeds, saltpans, hills, fishponds and many different biotopes of the Delta in Çiğli provides a shelter for rare birds and other high variety for other species. 277 bird species are recorded in Gediz Delta. It is also known that 30 to 80 thousand water birds spend the winter here, according to the regular water bird counts conducted each winter.


It is also one of the most important reproduction and nutrition areas of Pelecanus Crispus, which is found only in five places in Turkey and is an endangered bird species.


There are birds, mammals, reptilians, inland fish and freshwater, salt water and hard water ecosystems, dunes, lagoons, halophiles shore meadows, reeds and temporary water meadows in the Bird Sanctuary. 


The area, visited by bird watchers, scientists and photographers is a grade 1 natural site area.


Enjoy the weekend in Homeros Valley

Homeros Valley and Recreational Area, consisting of many ponds and picnic areas, named after the famous historian born in İzmir, take place in Bornova Kayadibi Village. The recreation area including seven kilometers of valley arrangement was put into service in 2008. The area, which includes picnic areas surrounded by rare flowers, is known as the place for families for weekend joy.


Meet with the picture postcard-like nature in Karagöl

Karagöl Natural Park is on Yamanlar Mountain in Karşıyaka district. There is rural bar, toilets, buffet, picnic units, camp facilities in the park, which is 26 kilometers away from İzmir. Electricity, freshwater and tap water are available at General Directorate of National Parks owned Karagöl. Karagöl, where you can view the İzmir coast as in plane, provides an opportunity to explore the beauty of Yamanlar Mountain. You can make barbecue or picnic in Karagöl while watching the elegant swimming of ducks. Karagöl is a gorgeous nature paradise, where you will wear a sweater even in hot days of summer.


Picnic time in Çiçekliköy

Çiçekliköy in Bornova, one of the most beautiful picnic areas of İzmir, Is a recreational area between pine trees on Manisa highway. You can do jogging or have a good time with your family in Çiçekliköy, which has children playgrounds, breakfast halls, barbecue areas, beef restaurants and parking area. There are many businesses open not only during weekend but also during weekdays in Çiçekliköy, which is 20-25 minutes away from İzmir.