A Joyous City for Children

İzmir is a city with joyous options for children as much as for elders. Playgrounds in almost all districts, Wild Life Park in Sasalı, Space Camp in Gaziemir, amusement parks in Buca and Kültürpark, foal parks in Karşıyaka, Buca, Sahilevleri and Urla, Science Museum in Karşıyaka, Yeşilova Tumulus excavation side in Bornova, Visitor Centre, Neolithic Village, where you can experience the lifestyle of the era are known as the places where you can have a pleasant time with your children. Ümran Baradan Children and Toy Museum is a joyous and colorful museum we can suggest. There are also tiny playgrounds for children in certain large shopping malls in İzmir. There are also book and toy sales sections for children in bookstores in large shopping malls in Alsancak Kıbrıs Şehirleri Avenue, Bornova, Karşıyaka and Gaziemir.


Sasalı Natural Life Park - Çiğli

Opened in 2008, the Natural Life Park embodies the zoo of the city. The largest natural life park of Europe, İzmir Natural Life Park, is one of the prestige projects of İzmir. Thanks to the special arrangements made in the area, the necessary conditions are provided for the comfort of the animals. The Natural Life Park has been increasing the number of species and varieties with 1048 animals in 128 species.


Being a member of The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), the Natural Life Park attracts great attention especially from children. There are Asian elephants, African savannas, tigers, lions, cougars, birds of prey, hyenas, bears as well as a wolf shelter, a monkey island, the children's zoo, a tropical center, a cafeteria and a gift shop in the park.


Space Camp Turkey - Gaziemir

Third one in the world and the only one in Turkey, Middle East, Southeastern Europe and Western/Central Asia, Space Camp Turkey is located at the Aegean Free Zone, the modern industry center of İzmir. The camp which was opened in 2000 gives communication, team work and leadership education to both children and adults in a dynamic and fun environment using interactive simulations about space.


The Space Camp also aims to motivate young people into pursuing a career in the fields of science, math and technology. Having a Space Science Exhibit Commission (ASSEC) certificate which has its headquarters in Huntsville Alabama, Space Camp Turkey is also a member of Camp Association of Turkey.


Amusement Parks

​There are two amusement parks in İzmir, one at Kültürpark and the other at Buca Gölet Area. The one at Kültürpark has been in service since 1975. The rides at the parks appeal to both children and adults who want to spend good time.


Tay Park - Karşıyaka

Tay Park (Little Horse Park), which imposes animal and nature love to children, hosts Cameroon Sheep, pigeons and chickens. These lovely animals at the park play an active part in the rehabilitation of kids with autism certain days of the week.




Daydream in the world of books

There are bookstores in Alsancak Kıbrıs Şehitleri Avenue, and shops that sell books and toys in large shopping malls in Bornova, Karşıyaka, Gaziemir and Balçova for booklover children. You can purchase books signed for your children in these bookstores, where occasionally book autograph sessions are organized.


Meet with the silence of the books in the library

There are also many libraries in İzmir that are home to thousands of books and make people peaceful with their silence. There are special sections in these libraries for children’s books and publications. İzmir Atatürk Public Library, which provides service to visually impaired, has a special place among the libraries in each district.


Atatürk Public Library: İzmir Atatürk Public Library is providing services to booklovers and researchers in its own building on Konak Mithatpaşa Avenue since 1973. There are outstanding works from Turkish and World literature in the children section of the library. There is also a special section for visually impaired citizens. In addition, there are braille books and audiobooks for visually impaired children. These books can be borrowed from the lending service of the library.


Bowling pleasure with the family

If you are interest in bowling and want to play with your family, one of the oldest halls in İzmir takes place within Hilton Hotel in Konak. Famecity Amusement Center is providing services with “Amusement for Family” theme on a six thousand square meter area. There are exciting games for groups especially at the weekends.


Feel the breeze on your face with ice skate

There are facilities in different sizes in İzmir for those who desire to feel the breeze on their face while soaring on the ice rink as a bird.


Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreational Area and Ice Rink: This ice rink within the borders of Bornova Municipality is a professional facility not only for ice skating, but also for receiving training. Providing service for groups between 13.00-14.00-15.00-16.00 weekdays, this facility is open for service between September-January. You can skate for 45 minute sessions on the ice rink. Minors below 13 years of age are not accepted on the ice rink without consent from their family.


İzmir Optimum Shopping Mall Ice Rink: Children experience the joy of ice skating for 30 to 45 minute sessions with professional trainers on the ice rink at the ground floor of the shopping mall in Gaziemir. In addition to one-day skating, ice skating training is provided. The rink is open throughout the year.


The place where İzmir was first established: Yeşilova Tumulus

You can visit Yeşilova Tumulus in Bornova, the place where the civilization of Izmir first established 8 thousand 500 years ago. Yeşilova Tumulus in Bornova, the place where the ordered settlement began in İzmir, can be visited in five days of the week for free. You can take a tour of 30 minutes under the guidance of experts of excavation team. (Please note that, you have to get an appointment from the guest center, Tel: +90 232 999 29 29/5402). You can see the Yeşilova Tumulus excavation site, bearing the marks from Neolithic Period to Roman Imperial Period, Guest Centre, the Neolithic Village where you can see the lifestyle of the era and Yassıtepe Tumulus in this magical visit to oldest settlement in İzmir.


Learn entertainingly in Karşıyaka Science Museum

Most important visitors of the Science Museum in Karşıyaka for science fans are the children. You can take a journey to the mysterious world of science with experiments and have fun while learning in this museum in Mavişehir. There are 60 learning stations, up to 100 experimental setups and 15 interactive kiosks. Bringing science fans together between 10.00 to 17.00 for 6 days of the week except Sunday, this museum is Aegean Region’s first and only and Turkey’s second science museum.



Three-minute journey with the lift

Lift Facilities in Balçova district provides a spectacular İzmir view. With the lift, you can reach up to social rest facilities in Atatepe from Yeşiltepe with eight person cabins, painted with the colors of the rainbow. You can see the view of the coast and dam on either sides during the three-minute journey.


There are observation terraces, rural coffeehouse, café and food and beverage shops starting from the entrance of Atatepe station in Balçova Lift Facilities. Visitors can can make barbecue in the controlled self-catering picnic area and “beef house”. There are also playgrounds for children in the Lift Facilities. Note that you can’t bring food from outside. You can also easily reach to Balçova with the municipality buses from city center. Providing service between 10.00 to 23.00 every day, the facility is free for the minors below five years of age.