An Unforgettable Day in Kemaraltı

Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar is one of the most beautiful places in İzmir where you will take great pleasure, leave with great happiness and want to come back again. This 500-years-old bazaar is one of the greatest outdoor bazaars of our country. More than 200 business branches are providing services in 270-hectare bazaar. This bazaar, where you can find all kinds of your needs, is also a home to many historical inns and fountains. You can taste foods and desserts from Izmir cuisine in artisan restaurants and find anything you need, even the smallest items, in Kemeraltı where the customers can directly communicate with the vendors. You can find modern gold jewelry in Jewelers Bazaar, textiles in Arab Inn, all sorts of souvenirs in Kızlarağası Inn in Hisarönü and meet with antique dealers. You can drink a cup of strong tea or cup-brewed Turkish coffee in cafes in Kızlarağası Inn to relieve your tiredness after you get tired from wandering in Kemeraltı.


Explore Beyler Streets

Beyler Streets, which are at the right-hand of entrance of Anafartalar Avenue and name three consecutive streets are known as the area where notable families and gentlemen of İzmir lived in the 19th century. There are still many office blocks, opticians, shoe and clothing stores, hobby supply stores and food and beverage places.


See the colorful booths of spice stores in Kestanepazarı

There are mostly spice stores, sweet shops, grain stores, legume stores, snack food stores, wooden decoration supplies, underwear companies, textile companies and pita restaurants in the area, where Kestanepazarı Mosque takes place. You can find all sorts of herbal mixtures, dried vegetables, fruits, rosewater, herbal oils and herbs which are said to be cure for all on colorful spice store booths.


Live the gleam of Jewelers Bazaar

One of the central locations of Izmir for jewelry and gold, the Jewelers Bazaar is an area consisting of tens of small stores and different alleys in Mezarlıkbaşı Square. There are many jewel-decorated ornaments in the gleaming stores of the bazaar, where you can find the finest samples of Turkish gold works and handcrafted jewelries.


Smell the fresh fruit-vegetables in Havra Street

929. Street in Mezarlıkbaşı section of Kemeraltı is known as Havra Street by the public. Havra Street, where the freshest fruit and vegetables of İzmir are sold, is named after the Synagogues around. Groceries, halva stores, cheese stores, pickle stores, fishmongers and liver stores selling the freshest seasonal vegetables and fruit take place in this street, which was renowned by its taverns until recently.


Drink a cup of coffee in Kızlarağası Inn

One of the well-kept and most beautiful inns of İzmır, Kızlarağası Hanı is one of the most important stop points in Kemeraltı. Two storied and yard-type inn was built by Hacı Beşir Ağa in 1744. There are two grand bazaars in the Inn by the name of Çuha Bazaar and Cevahir Bazaar and also Bakır Bazaar on 902 Street right outside the Inn. There are antique dealers, silver jewelry stores, silver jewelry repair shops, touristic souvenir shops, authentic local textiles stores, food and beverage stores and cafes in the Inn.


Meet with local delicacies in Mirkelamoğlu Inn

This inn, near the Fevzipaşa Boulevard of Kemeraltı, is estimated to be built towards the end of 18th century. There are a small and old record store, a café and an artisan restaurant where you can find local delicacies in the inn, which is remarkable with its archway.


Walk around in award winning Abacıoğlu Inn

Mustafa Ağa got Abacıoğlu Inn built at the beginning of 18th Century. There are local artisan restaurants, watch seller, leather dealer, souvenir shop in addition to the cafes in the Inn.


As a result of “Urban Development Project Application”, the Inn was awarded with “Respect for History, Local Conservation Award” of Izmir Municipality in 2007. In the same year, it was ranked among the best 30 architectural works in “European Prize of Architecture Philippe Rotthier”, which is one of the most prominent worldwide architectural contests.

Relax in Turkish baths of Kemeraltı

There are many historic Turkish baths in İzmir, maintaining the Turkish bath tradition. In addition to freshening in these baths, bride and groom, circumcision or military service bath traditions are still kept alive.


- Tevfik Paşa Bath (Anafartalar Caddesi - Mezarlıkbaşı)
Tel: 0.232.425 14 74

It is considered that Tevfik Paşa Bath, one of the active baths nowadays, was built towards the end of 18th century due to its architectural features.


- Basmane Bath (Anafartalar Caddesi-Basmane)
+90 232 425 50 78


The bath within the social complex of Çorakkapı Mosque is an 17th century work and is still in use.


Do not return without stopping by the sherbet booths

Sherbet booths are one of the stops you should definitely stop by in Kemeraltı. Specially, try black mulberry sherbet.


Don’t visit Kemeraltı on a full stomach

We suggest you not to visit Kemeraltı on a full stomach, since you will find street food and local delicacies of Izmir. You will find historic sweet shops, döner shops, predecessor pastry shops, Crete restaurants where you can taste greens of Aegean cuisine, pita restaurants, pickle shops, fishmongers, confectioners and taste stuffed mussel, kokoreç (grilled sheep intestines), sherbet, şambali (a traditional sweet pastry), pounded coffee, freshly brewed tea.