Kızıl Avlu – Red Basilica (Temple of Serapis) Bergama (Pergamon)

Pergamon is known to be a very important place in the history of Christianity. Serapeion (Basilica), which is called as the temple of Egyptian Gods, later became a religious place for Christians as St. Jean Church. The church is significant as one of the first seven churches of Christianity. On the courtyard of the structure, the Kurtuluş Mosque is also located today where Muslims worhip to God. This structure is the best example to show the tolerance in religion from past to present in Pergamon. On both sides of the structure, which is also called as Red Basilica by the public due to the fact that it was built with red tiles, there are tower-like circular additional constructions. Temple of Serapis is located in the exit of Acropolis in the city center of Pergamon today.