Pergamon Asklepion Ruin

The Asklepion Temple in Pergamon was built in the 4th century B.C. In the Prehistoric Era, it was a medical center on par with Epidaurus and Kos. The center was dedicated to the God of Health, Asklepios. The Asklepios Holy Ground, with its galleried yard, 3 thousand 500-person theater, the cult hall which belongs to Emperor Hadrianus, the circular Asklepios Temple was an important medical center in the Roman Era. In the southern part there are three small temples from the Hellenistic Era, sleeping rooms, a holy spring and pools. In its time it was known around the world as “The Place Death Was Not Allowed to Enter”. The serpentine column, which is the symbol of pharmacy, greets visitors in the place known as the Holy Road.


The Asklepion holy ground kept its importance until the Christian era. Next to the Holy Spring is a long underground tunnel designed so that patients can be protected from cold and hot air.


In the Roman Era the renowned pharmacist and doctor Galenos was known to work in this temple before becoming the palace doctor.