Çeşme has self-improved in all areas of yachting, and has become one of today’s favorite resorts. Today, the marina has increased in the private sector of yachting which has led to the increased attention of the marina. In the marina berths, you will find many foreign flagged yachts that have come to visit Çeşme and each not want to leave. As well as the International Çeşme Yacht Club (KYC) many races and social events are held in Çeşme. In addition, Turkey Offshore Racing Club (TORC) is organized every year as a Çeşme race.


If you are a yacht owner and are looking to dock in Çeşme, there are many marinas around the Çeşme coastline to stay at. These include Çeşme Marina, Alaçatı Marina, Altın Yunus Marina, Dalyanköy Marina and Ilıca.