Çeşme is one of the favorite locations of the local and foreign tourists for diving. Divers experience discovering a whole different world underwaters each time they dive.


Diving Destinations


Monem Wreck: Monem was a Cargo ship built in 1956. In November 2004, Çeşme openly sank the ship for diving purposes. Those who have not received training in scuba diving only have a chance to see the shipwreck by snorkeling. Here you will find a variety of huge scorpion fish and other fish only found in the Aegean Sea.


Cleft Rock (Separate Stone): Three different trails, this place has good diving spots. This diving point was given its name as it’s a piece of rock far from land. During the dive there are plenty of lobster and sea insects found in the area.


Bedroom Island: This place is famous for its spectacular cave located 8-10 feet deep. Even the entrance to the caves are decorated in the sponges, corals and insects make their nests in Wall which offers a visual feast.


Lighthouse Island: Is an island many people enjoy diving at. If you are lucky you may encounter the island’s permanent seal visitors.


The Middle Stone: Preferred in calm weather, surrounding the waters are sand and towering rocks which creates a beautiful landscape. Here dentex, wrasse and barracuda are fish likely to be seen.


88 Blocks: A diving spot of 30m depth. Around the Roman amphorae are many types of lobster, octopus, and squid.


No Name Island: In calm weather No Name Island is one of the preferred areas. Which is suitable for the beginner divers. In this area you may see plenty of sea bream.


Erupted Stone: Here it is not possible to dive in all weather conditions. Spreading rock fragments from the bottom structure moved depending on the weather. In the depths of this dive spot many fish such as sea bream, sea bass, grouper, moray eels, are often seen.


Barracuda Stones: It is a very rich area and holds a colorful underwater life. If you are lucky you can also see lots of barracuda. Experienced divers will dive the full depth to be greeted by sturgeon and rock bass.


Ildırı Lighthouse Island: With enormous beauty this dive spot is full of cavities and recesses. Plenty of yellow tube sponges, red sponge coral and flowers under water, gives a magnificent pleasure to the eye.