Surfing Capital Çeşme


Çeşme is one of the most ideal places for surfing. The visitors have the opportunity to surf at different locations such as Alaçatı, Ilıca and Pırlanta. In some locations of İzmir, the word “sea” means the equivalent of “surfing”. For instance in Alaçatı, the first thing that comes to mind when sea is concerned is surfing. This cozy county, famous with its stonemasonry houses, boutique hotels, lavender smelling streets and gummy cookies, is among the most special surfing paradises not only throughout Turkey but also the world. Having been located in an area receiving wind six months of the year, the fact that the sea in Alaçatı not deepening for a long distance makes it possible even for those not knowing how to swim to go surfing. When you visit the county, you can see that not only professionals but everyone young and old trying this sport. There are many surfing schools in Alaçatı for those who wish to learn. In Alaçatı where international surfing races are held each year, you may be able to see famous surfers coming from around the world during the windy season stretching between May and October months. Ilıca is also a preferred surfing site in addition, due to its water depth not increasing immediately from the coast just like Alaçatı. Another surfing site of Çeşme is Pırlanta (Diamond) Cove. Pırlanta Cove located in Çiftlikköy is directly against Chios Island. With high winds and hard waves, Pırlanta is a site rather preferred by professionals. Located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Çeşme, Pırlanta Cove is named after its sand shining like diamonds. Famed with its wind and waves, this cove has the ideal geographical structure for kite surfing, one of the most favorite of extreme sports throughout the world in the recent years. Yumru Cove, again within Alaçatı country, also offers a suitable environment for the high-adrenaline water sport of kite surfing with its geographical location, eleven months of wind and shallow structure. The area is question hosts World, Europe and Turkey Wind - Surf Championships and many other international organizations.