Mastic Raisin

Mastic Trees


Gum trees were found in Çeşme for the first time six thousand years ago. These trees are in Alaçatı and Çeşme and Çiftlikköy overlooking Chios, Greece who also has these trees along their coastline. The trees only grow in special red earth. The climate of Çeşme is a great blessing for the gum trees. These trees can be found in many gardens and are forbidden to be removed. They are a dark green in color. It takes a full 7 years after the planting of trees for the gum drops to grow and they tend to fall off during the months of April and May. The gum is found in a liquid form. The liquid gum solidifies in about 2-4 weeks and produces a beautiful smell and is a pale yellow color, and natural solidifies into a drop shape.


Chios Sheep and Breeders


Çeşme has its own breed of Chios Sheep; silent, sweet appearance with a white coat and black spots and the cute creatures are so friendly.


It is believed that these sheep are a mixture of breeds from the Chios Island, Greece and of an Anatolia breed. In the past, only Chios Island and Çeşme found this breed of sheep but today they can be found in many places around Turkey. About to be extinct until a few years ago breeders have paid attention to this issue and the number of producers has increased day by day. The characteristics of the sheep are always the same. The Chios is typically white with black, occasionally brown, spots around the eyes, and on the ears, nose, belly and legs. The entire head is often black. The breed is classified as semi-fat- tailed. The ram’s horns are very strong.