Çeşme recieves an influx of visitors during all four seasons. It is the favorite place of the sea lovers especially during the summer months; especially in the summer months being the most popular place for lovers of the sea; as well as the blue and pristine beaches are also impressed with his enchanting bay.


Çeşme is one of the first places that come to mind when the beaches are considered. The Çeşme Peninsula has a 29 km shore with a crystal clear sea, sun, fine sand and sulphurous healing waters. This coastal area has beautiful beaches each one more beautiful than the other. Çeşme has almost 20 beaches such as Şifne, Small Harbor, Pırlanta, Paşa Harbor, Ilıca Beach, Çiftlik, Altınkum, Çatal Azmak, Sakızlı Bay, Tekka Beach and Ayayorgi.