İzmir Bird Paradise

The İzmir Bird Paradise, where 289 bird species live, spreads around an 8.000-hectare area in the Çiğli Çamaltı Salt Marsh. At the bird paradise, the most observed bird species are: Flamingos, Dalmatian Pelicans, Small White Herons, Grey Herons, Storks, Reed Harries, Kestrels, Eurasian Coots, House Swallows, Rural Swallows, Sparrows, Magpies, Rural Pipits, Kingfishers, Poyraz Birds, Eurasian Thick-knees, Silver Seagulls, Little Terns, Owlets, Calandra Larks, Crested Larks, Bee-Eaters, Black-Winged Stilts, Spur-winged Plovers, Black-Tailed Godwits and Redshanks.

The reeds, islands, peninsulas and salt marsh pools in the Bird Paradise area create a favorable environment for the area to become a bird paradise. The salt water of the fishpond and the salt marsh and the fresh water of the reeds; various fish and other living creatures here constitute the natural food source for the birds.

This area was certified as a Waterfowl Conservation and Breeding Ground in 1982. It is 10 kilometers from Çiğli center and 26 kilometers from Karşıyaka. The area where more than 50 thousand birds stop by annually is on the migratory route of the birds and is also an archeological and natural protected area. There is a visitor center as well as bird observation towers, binoculars and touring bikes at the Bird Paradise.