Teos Antique Site

Teos antique site City which is located 5 kilometers to Seferihisar is one of the oldest and most important historical remains in the district. Teos was one of the 12 Ionian cities and was established by the Achaean General Athamas around 1080 B.C. The first structure upon reaching Teos which is between the ports to its north and south is the Dionysos Temple built by the famous architect of the Hellenistic era, Hermogenes, which is the largest temple of Dionysos (the protector god of Teos) in Anatolia. There is a mostly intact water cistern to the south of the Temple.


Apart from these the Antique Port, Archaic Temple (Hecatompedon), Archaic Acropolis with the Antique Theatre, and the Agora, Agora Temple, Bouleuterion, Cistern and Antique roads to the southeast of the theatre are some of the important public structures.


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