Sığacık was the northern port of Teos in the Antique era, and today it is a district that changed with the Teos Marina and hosts increasing numbers of visitors. Sığacık hosts world-famous Akkum and Ekmeksiz beaches with their glistening sands and clean sea and has many hotels and hostels. Even though the Sığacık Port is not a place to swim, the visitors can discover the Papaz Boğazı, Taş Ada, Azmak, Aktaşlı and Çamağız areas on daily boat tours.


Sığacık Castle, which was built between 1521-1522, during Suleiman the Magnificent's Rhodes campaign and served as a naval base, in addition to defending the coastal village, and later became used as a customs control center. Although it had two floors when it was built, only one floor remains today and the walls of the castle are reached with hidden stairs. Stones from the Antique Teos City were used to build these walls and writings from the Teos city can be seen on the walls.


As the Slow City started moving, a serious amount of tourism started at the Sığacık Castle. The local market on Sundays became a popular weekend destination where local producers sell their products and women exhibit their handiwork. Women living in Seferihisar and inside the castle sell the desserts and foods they prepare in front of their houses.


The tea houses, cafés, restaurants that offer many sea foods, and small, cute fish restaurants of this calm district at the seaside are eager to please their guests.