Pamucak Coast

The former name of the Ephesus Coast is Pamucak Beach. With a length of 11 kilometers it is one of the longest beaches in Turkey. The beach is 8 kilometers to Selçuk and 6 kilometers to the Ancient City of Ephesus. The beach is sandy and the sea is clear. It has two blue flagged beaches. It is a coast suitable for all water sports and camping. It is possible to find hotels, camping facilities, an aqua park and a red pine forest recreation area, 10 kilometers from Selçuk on the way to Kuşadası, in the Pamucak region. There are refreshment stands and fountains at the 100 capacity picnic area. Besides the tracks for exotic activities like horse and jeep safari, the opportunities for water sports and entertainment facilities, its picturesque sunset makes Selçuk a unique tourism center.