Choosing to use the subway for urban transportation saves you time to visit more places.


İzmir is one of the cities that use a rail system for faster transportation. The most important reasons why the people of İzmir prefer to use the subway are that it's faster, safer and more comfortable.


Serving at 17 stations between Evka 3 and Fahrettin Altay, The İzmir Metro relieves urban transportation significantly. Also, it's possible to transfer to İZBAN Light Rail System from Hilal and Halkapınar stations of the İzmir Metro. 


Stations and Transfer Centers



Service Plan


In Week






Hour Frequency Hour Frequency Hour Frequency
06.00-06.30 10 min. 06.00-07.00 10 min. 06.00-12.00 10 min.
06.30-20.30 4.5 min. 07.00-09.00 5 min. 12.00-20.00 6 min.
20.30-00.20 10 min. 09.00-12.00 6 min. 20.00-00.20 10 min.
    12.00-20.00 4.5 min.    
    20.00-00.20 10 min.    


* Transportation Network Plan


* How to Arrive?


Disabled Passengers

İzmir Metro is one of the most preferred types of public transportation for the disabled passengers due to its physical structure, suitable vehicles and the close interest of the staff. Wheelchairs are easily used and their batteries can be refilled at the charging points in subway stations. Elevators, smart hearing systems and Braille maps are all oriented to disabled individuals.


Passengers on Bike

İzmir Metro allows the passengers to get on the trains with their bikes without paying an additional fee in order to promote the usage of bicycles to protect the environment.


Lost Property

You can find the personal property you forgot at the subway or one of the stations at the "Lost and Found" located at the central building in Halkapınar.