Air Route

İzmir's only 3-4 hours away from many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa via air route...


If you cannot wait to spend your vacation in İzmir, the heart of history and nature, the only detail to think about is the date of your trip. Because, coming to this city is much easier than you think.


3-4 hours away from many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa via air route, it's possible to travel easily from İzmir to 86 cities in 36 countries with direct flights or with 1 hour connecting flights from İstanbul to many parts of the world.


Foreign destinations from where you can directly fly to Izmir:


Country Destination City Airline Company
Austria Vienna SunExpress Airlines*, Pegasus Airlines*
Azerbaijan Baku Azerbaijan Airlines
Belarus Minsk Belavia*
Belgium Brussels Tailwind*, Freebird Airlines, Thomas Cook Belgium N.V*, SunExpress Airlines
Belgium Ostend Freebird Airlines
Belgium Charleroi Tailwind*
Belgium Liége Tailwind*, Thomas Cook Belgium N.V.
Britain Birmingham Thomas Cook Airlines UK*, Thomsonfly*, Freebird Airlines
Britain London Pegasus Airlines*, Easy Jet*, Thomas Cook Airlines UK*, Thomsonfly*, Freebird Airlines, SunExpress Airlines, British Airways
Britain Manchester Pegasus Airlines*, Easy Jet*, Thomas Cook Airlines UK*, Thomsonfly*, Freebird Airlines, SunExpress Airlines, British Airways
Cyprus Nicosia Pegasus Airlines*, Atlasjet*, SunExpress Airlines*
Czech Republic Prague Travel Service Czech
Denmark Billund Freebird Airlines
Denmark Copenhagen SunExpress Airlines*, Freebird Airlines
Finland Helsinki SunExpress Airlines*
France Lille Pegasus Airlines*, Corsair International
France Lyon SunExpress Airlines*
France Nantes SunExpress Airlines*
France Paris SunExpress Airlines*, Corsair International*, Transavia France, Freebird Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
France Strasbourg SunExpress Airlines*, Corsair International*
Georgia Tbilisi Turkish Airlines
Germany Berlin SunExpress Airlines*, Turkish Airlines, Germanwings
Germany Bremen SunExpress Airlines*
Germany Cologne SunExpress Airlines*, Germanwings*, Pegasus Airlines, SunExpress Deutschland*
Germany Dortmund SunExpress Airlines* 
Germany Dusseldorf SunExpress Airlines*, Pegasus Airlines*, Germanwings, Tui Fly Germany*
Germany Frankfurt SunExpress Airlines*
Germany Hahn SunExpress Airlines*
Germany Hamburg SunExpress Airlines*, Turkish Airlines, Freebird Airlines, Germanwings
Germany Hanover SunExpress Airlines*, Germanwings
Germany Munich Deutsche Lufthansa AG*, SunExpress Airlines*, Turkish Airlines
Germany Münster SunExpress Airlines
Germany Nürenberg SunExpress Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
Germany Stuttgart SunExpress Airlines*, Germanwings, Pegasus Airlines*, Turkish Airlines, Tui Fly Germany
Greece Athenian Pegasus Airlines*
Hungary Budapest Freebird Airlines
Iran Teheran Qeshm Airline, Turkish Airlines, AtlasGlobal Havayolları*, Taban Air, Zagros Airlines, Mahan Air, Meraj Airlines, Caspian Airlines, Iran Air, Iran Aseman Airlines
Iran Urmia AtlasGlobal, Pegasus Airlines
Ireland Dublin AtlasGlobal, Pegasus Airlines
Italy Venice Pegasus Airlines
Italy Milan SunExpress Airlines*, Turkish Airlines
Italy Rome SunExpress Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines*
Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxair
Netherlands Amsterdam SunExpress Airlines*, Tui Fly*, Corendon Dutch Airlines*, Transavia Holland B.V*, Pegasus Airlines*, Corendon Airlines
Norway Oslo SunExpress Airlines, Jet Time Airlines
Poland Katowice Enter Air*, SunExpress Airlines*
Poland Poznan Enter Air*, Travel Service Poland*, SunExpress Airlines*
Poland Warshaw Travel Service Poland, SunExpress Airlines*, Enter Air*
Saudi Arabia Jeddah Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, AtlasGlobal
Saudi Arabia Medina Saudi Arabian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, AtlasGlobal
Slovakia Bratislava Travel Service Slovak, SunExpress Airlines
Spain Barcelona Turkish Airlines
Sweden Stockholm SunExpress Airlines
Sweden Gothenburg Freebird Airlines
Switzerland Basel SunExpress Airlines*, Pegasus Airlines*
Switzerland Zurich SunExpress Airlines*, Swiss International Airlines*


Domestic destinations from where you can directly fly to İzmir :


Destination City Airlines Company
İstanbul (Atatürk Airport) Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, AtlasGlobal, Onur Air
İstanbul (Sabiha Gökçen Airport) Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, SunExpress Airlines, Bora Jet
Ankara Anadolu Jet, Pegasus Airlines
Adana Pegasus Airlines, SunExpress Airlines
Antalya SunExpress Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
Diyarbakır SunExpress Airlines
Trabzon SunExpress Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
Gaziantep SunExpress Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
Samsun Pegasus Airlines, SunExpress Airlines
Van SunExpress Airlines
Kayseri SunExpress Airlines, Pegasus Airlines
Erzurum SunExpress Airlines
Mardin Pegasus Airlines
Elazığ Pegasus Airlines
Hatay Pegasus Airlines
Malatya SunExpress Airlines
Şanlıurfa Pegasus Airlines
Sivas Pegasus Airlines
Kars SunExpress Airlines
Ordu Pegasus Airlines
Nevşehir  Anadolu Jet
Konya SunExpress Airlines