Sea Route

There are 4 ports in İzmir which has a great potential in both national and international sea transportation: Alsancak, Aliağa-Nemrut, Dikili and Çeşme. Also, the construction of the Çandarlı Port, which will be among the 10 largest ports in the world and which will increase the potential of İzmir significantly when finished, still continues.


Alsancak Port


Along with being the import destination of the Central Anatolia and Aegean, the Alsancak Port is the largest port in the Aegean Region and it's a major trading port between the countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia thanks to its railway and land route links.


Within easy reach to the touristic richness of İzmir, the Alsancak Port, which mainly serves freighters and cruises, is 25 km from the Adnan Menderes Airport.


Aliağa-Nemrut Ports


The BATIÇİM, Ege Çelik, Ege Gaz, Ege Gübre, HABAŞ, İzmir Demir Çelik, Milangaz, Nemport, Petkim, Tüpraş, TOTAL, TCE EGE (Alpet), Petrol Ofisi ports and piers located in Nemrut and Aliağa have significant contributions to the national economy. At these ports and piers, approximately USD 15 billion commercial transactions take place annually.


Çeşme Port


Having Ferry, Ro-Ro and passenger transport services, the Çeşme Port is 85 km to İzmir, 110 km to the Adnan Menderes Airport and 1 km from the center of Çeşme.


Port Services

In Çeşme Port there are services for:


  • Ro-Ro ships working between The Çeşme-Trieste (Italy) line,
  • Cruise ships traveling to the Greek Islands,
  • Small tonnage ships working between the Çeşme-Chios (Greece) line.


Other services at the port include guidance, towage, security, health emergency and parking.


Dikili Port


The pier at the Dikili Port, which is 120 km from İzmir and 26 km from Bergama, is capable of serving both bulk freighters and passenger ships.