The city of a magnificent history, the deep blue sea, and delicious food.

The city of gods, emperors, sultans; of the sun and the wind.

The city of wisdom, heroism, freedom and healing.

A real treasure for archaeologists and academics.




Where the Historical Silk Road meats Aegean,

Where the skyscrapers greet ancient ruins,

Where the future and the horizon are bright.


The city where life accelerates in Kordon, slows down in Seferihisar and becomes a joy in Çeşme.





The city of olives, figs, grapes... The home of naturalness, organic and freshness.


The western port of Turkey that reaches out to Europe. The city that looks hundreds of years forward with a 8.500 year history.The city for which Darius built the Persian Royal Road in the 5th century BC...


The pearl of the Aegean that warms up with the hot springs of Balçova, adorned with the Bird Paradise, architectural masterpieces and unique beaches...


The home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Temple of Artemis; Asklepion the healing center of the ancient history, the Celsus Library and the Temple of Zeus. The unique city in which culture and history comes together.


People who have yet to meet the city that welcomes people of all ages,


Welcome to İzmir!