The Richness of an 8.500 Year History

Being one of the best places, people prefer to live throughout its 8.500 year history; İzmir has shined like a star in Aegean due to being a multicultural and multi-layered settlement.


The history of the city began around the Yeşilova Mound in Bornova then continued at Smyrna-Tepekule Ruins and then Kadifekale. The monuments remaining from the civilizations it has hosted since the day it was established, temples, mounds, theatres that host thousands of people, agoras, inns, tombs, aqueducts, bridges and fountains are the most important values that make İzmir, one of the most important cultural centers today.


You hear the columns you touch while wandering around the Akropol in Bergama accompanied by the cool breeze saying "hello" from thousands of years ago.



The city which Herodotus introduced as "The city with the most beautiful sky and climate", which Aristotle told the famous commander Alexander "You will miss out if you don't visit it", and which Victor Hugo described as a princess and wrote poems about... Whether you're here for a week or just for a day, you will leave with the joy of having touched the traces of history!


Come and discover the museums, ruins, archeological sites and cultural heritage in and around Izmir!