Medical Tourism

İzmir, approximately two hours of flight away from many European countries, with its land, water and air transportation, and 124 ambulances serving 90 first aid stations, air ambulance services, doctors and health care team speaking foreign languages, and with its accredited health institutions working in accordance with international standards in medical field, is the rising star of our country in health tourism. İzmir, where you can find different kinds of tourism from cultural to agro-tourism, is especially noted for its thermal facilities in terms of health tourism. Studies in health field in İzmir date back to ancient times. Asclepieion, noted for its healing water and known as built in 4th century BC and with the writing “Death can’t enter here” on its wall, Bergama where pharmacist and doctor Galenos father of medicine history grown, Agamemnon hot spring in Balçova, quarantine island existing only 3 in the world – Klazomen Quarantine Island in Urla, have been helping İzmir a step forward in the stage of history in health field. Dedicated to health God Asclepieion, these unique historical places taking its place among the world’s first health facilities, set an example for today’s modern thermal springs. İzmir, where many patients came for treatment in ancient times, has been serving domestic and foreign patients with its great number of health institutes in diagnosis and treatment in different fields. In addition, these patients who come to the city for treatment, have a great time during the waiting period or after their treatment ends. With special places to visit for any interest, historical bazaars, modern shopping centers, natural beauty and flora, there lays seaside towns full of happiness and peace. İzmir is one of the cities which comes to mind first when it comes to medical tourism, thermal tourism, medical SPA, geriatrics, disabled tourism in Turkey in terms of the facilities İzmir has. With its transportation vehicles for disabled and elderly people, tourism facilities, bicycle trails for healthy life; İzmir continues to be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign visitors. Blended with medicinal herbs, olive oil dishes and sea food and prospered with different cultures’ tastes living in the city for centuries, Aegean cuisine is one of the most essential element of healthy life in İzmir. In this section, we aim to give you some clues about health tourism of İzmir. We wish you to have healthy, peaceful, happy and pleasant days and wish you to come back to our city “healthy”.


Welcome to İzmir


Why İzmir?


İzmir is in a good condition in terms of health tourism, health institutions and medical centers.

There are many options in İzmir in terms of hotels stakeholders of this sector, travel agencies, intermediary and consulting firms, transportation sector, insurance and finance sector.


There are 268 hospitals serving for diagnosis and treatment in İzmir where substantial investment in health sector.


  • 28 Public hospitals,
  • 23 Private hospitals,
  • 4 University hospitals,
  • 1 District general hospital,
  • 41 Private medical centers,
  • 35 Private branch centers
  • 107 Orthodontics centers,
  • 32 Private polyclinics serve patients today.


Most of the hospitals and centers serving diagnosis and treatment have agreements with institutions serving as part of health tourism. In this sense, agencies arrange round trip flight tickets, transfers with private vehicles, accommodation in good quality hotels, medical examination, pre-examinations, surgery and post-surgical controls, city tour with private guide and touristic events.


The city hospitals mostly serve patients from Germany, Libya, France, Iraq, Russia, Cyprus, Austria and Netherlands.


Foreign patients who come for treatment, are influenced by religious tourism options in İzmir.


For example, a patient whose treatment ended, can make pilgrimage in the House of Virgin Mary in Selçuk.