Thermal Tourism

Turkey has a great importance in terms of thermal springs. Thermal springs of our country, carries blue ribbon for its flow, temperature, various physical and chemical features. Thermal springs are the waters whose temperature is 20 degrees and above in the fountain head. İzmir is a city with thousands of years of experience in thermal springs and therapy since ancient periods.


Being two hours of flight distance from many European countries, modern and safe,  having personnel speaking many foreign languages and experienced in tourism, warm climate and 300 days of sun, price-quality balance, sport facility opportunities for elderly, cure treatments carried with bicycle trails, fruit, vegetable and natural herbs, rich cuisine with olive oil and herbs are the outstanding advantages of İzmir. In thermal springs; skin diseases especially rheumatism, gynecological diseases and respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal, kidney and urinary tract disorders, metabolism and allergic diseases are treated.


Experts suggest that minimum 10 and maximum 15 days should be spent in these thermal springs. Accommodation, physical therapy and pool opportunities are offered as a packet services in thermal facilities in İzmir. Patients who do not prefer accommodation can benefit from these facilities daily. Thermal treatment centers in İzmir are also good at rooms arranged for the disabled and elderly, utilities in physiotherapy units and special arrangements in pools.


Apart from treatment opportunities in modern facilities, İzmir offers an amazing holiday opportunity with its unique nature, archaeological values, historical and cultural places for the patients in their time off from treatment. Educated personnel in cure centers, 12 months of available service are the advantageous sides of the city in health tourism.


Bergama, Dikili, Menemen, Çeşme in the West, Seferihisar in the North; Tire in the South, Balçova in the center, İzmir is surrounded with thermal springs and baths from all quarters. Thermal springs’ temperature ranges from 27 to 153 degrees, and these springs have a high flow.


  • Cure from water: Medical SPA and Wellness opportunities


İzmir has great variety of accommodation facilities from five-star hotels to pensions where thermal springs exists. In these facilities, SPA service, known as “cure with water”, is also provided. SPA services, include not only water and mud therapy but also health cures such as hot tubs, various massage therapies, aromatherapy, diet, beauty and care.


Accommodation facilities serving SPA in İzmir provide visitors with relaxation and relief opportunities with hot/cold and different types of pouring, drip page, douche and spraying applications.


With Wellness services you can obtain body care and mental, physical and cognitive relief and feel good. You can open the doors of healthy life with nature and natural products such as any kind of massage, skin care, mud and most baths, bathtub care, thalasso therapy and go through purification with the guidance of experienced personnel in SPA and Wellness departments especially in starred facilities or boutique hotels.