Tourist Health

In health tourism two concepts come to fore. “Tourist Health” and “International patients.”


Foreigners, who got sick while visiting the city, are also given service within “Tourist health”, along with patients that pick a establishment for treatment in Izmir. Especially in the hospitals that are located in the coastal districts, and also in the districts where number of foreign tourists are dense, hospital staff is specially trained regarding this matter.


  • International Patients and Health Tourism


International patients that come to Izmir within health tourism can benefit from medical tourism, thermal tourism and SPA Wellness services. At the same time, the city offers wide variety of treatment options to old and disabled patients. Patients leave the facilities that they are treated and hotels where they stayed during this period happily. It’s known that many patients come back to Izmir for vacation, after they have been treated.


There are two private hospitals in Izmir that has accreditation of JCI (Joint Commission International) which is the world’s largest health accreditation foundation. Special units in these hospital, completes all the procedures of the international patients, prior to patients’ arrival.


Accommodation, date of the operation, whether or not the patient will stay in the city after discharge, activities he/she can perform, are planned in advance. Patient manager ensures that the process runs smooth, from greeting the patient to the end of the treatment. When discharging, the patient is informed by the manager, how to reach the services in the future if necessary. These units also assists patient’s relatives’ accommodation and in their activities in the city. In these hospitals where foreign language speaking personnel is employed, translators are picked from people that are educated in this field or that are mastered in medical terminology. According to their agreement, patients can pay these services by credit card or by billing their insurance company. These establishments are found to have agreements with international insurance companies. In the hospitals working in medical tourism, where patient safety and well-being is prioritized, guidance that will be understood by foreign patients is used at discretion. In these hospitals, cultural differences, habits, respect to religious beliefs, food preference, and patients’ response to incidents are absolutely considered. In Izmir, within the context of medical tourism, cardiovascular surgery, radiotherapy, cyber knife, transplantation, infertility – in vitro fertilization (IFV) applications, plastic surgery, dental, ophthalmic, dialysis therapy services can be provided.


Patients recover their health, in modern hot springs and SPA centers located in thermal waters that are known and used for centuries, through spa treatments, physical therapy, thalassotherapy (treatment in sea water), hydrotherapy, balneotherapy (treatment in hot spring), and peloidotherapy (mud treatment). Since these establishments are located in places that are in touch with nature, its clean air, calm and green environment, give peace to the guests before anything.


With the purpose of care and rehabilitation of old and disabled tourists, clinical guest houses, geriatric treatment centers and nursing homes serve with certified and trained personnel. At the same time, patients staying in these facilities, with tours into the city and its spectacular surrounding areas, occupation therapy and disabled activities, can found happiness both physically and spiritually.


  • Accredited Hospitals and Blood Center in Izmir


There are 43 medical establishments in Turkey that are accredited by Joint Comission International (JCI) which is the world’s largest medical accreditation foundation. There are two private hospitals in Izmir that have these quality management standards.


In addition to these hospitals, Turkish Red Crescent Aegean Blood Center also serves as a JCI accredited establishment. Ege University Medical Faculty and Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty which are the first university hospitals of Izmir, are the most referred hospitals by the patients, in terms of medical tourism. With strong health infrastructure, modern facilities, diagnosis and treatment opportunities and direct flights, Izmir is in the first 10 provinces across Turkey, that are preferred by international patients. Izmir is placed near the top across Turkey in terms of preference for medical tourism, in Ophthalmic, orthopedics and traumatology, internal diseases, otorhinolaryngology, gynecology and obstetrics, general surgery, dental and maxillofacial surgery, brain and nerve surgery, dermatological and venereal diseases and pediatrics treatments.




International Patient Assistance Unit within the body of The Ministry of Health helps foreign patients for 7/24 whenever they need. The Unit provides only interpreting services for foreign doctors and patients at the hospital. It has no guidance and counselling mission in any form.


The patients can have more information for health services through consultants or assistant firms.


Phones numbers that foreign guests can receive health services in their own language as follows:


  • International Patient Assistance Unit (444 47 28)

The call center provides interpreting services in six languages (English, German, French, Russian, Arabic and Persian) for 7/24.


  • 112 Emergency

In cases of foreign patients call in four languages, interpreting services are provided via tripartite conference system.


You can benefit from and in order to make research about all issues related to health truism in Turkey.