Third Age Tourism

Geriatrics-Senior Tourism-Third Age Tourism


In terms of “senior tourism” which draws great interest globally, Turkey is quite an attractive country. In the services provided to seniors, services in different areas such as, travel and city tours, hobby, culture and sport activities, gastronomy, take place.


Izmır, which is one the cities that has the best facilities in Turkey in terms of health tourism, is a city preferred by seniors with its 300 days of sun, closeness to provinces that have rich historical and cultural texture, olive oil and vegetable focused cuisine.


Thermal facilities that are equipped with modern medicine utilities, are the leading establishments. Senior citizens that arrive to the city to benefit from these facilities and to get treatment, while recovering, can appraise tourism opportunities of the city.


If they want, accompanied with private guides, they can visit the archeological sites and bazaars, and experience healthy Aegean cuisine. Healthy diet menus and vegetarian menus that are prepared in these facilities kitchens by chefs who are well educated and many with international experience, provide a huge relief for the guests.


There are many private health establishments in Izmir, provide services aimed at diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation with nursing for aging associated diseases.


Izmir calls out, not only for seniors who come to the city as patients, also for healthy seniors who want to enjoy the sea, sun and sand, and have an interest for cultural values. In provinces such as Gümüldür, Çeşme and Kuşadası, package tours for tourist over 60 years of age are offered. In these packages, benefiting from SPA centers, healthy life support, hobby and sport entertainment activities are included.