Considering the cave potential of Turkey, İzmir has many structurally important caves. There are over 50 caves which are registered and throughly researched in Ödemiş, Urla, Buca, Torbalı, Foça, Selçuk, Aliağa, Dikili, Karaburun, Kemalpaşa, Tire and Bornova districts of İzmir.


Kemalpaşa, Torbalı and Buca are the leading districts in scope of the number of caves. Also, the 10 caves in Foça are the most important living spaces of the Mediterranean Monk Seals.There is no cave in İzmir that has been opened to tourism yet. Beşpınar, Dereçalı, Yelköprü and Dümbelek Caves are important because of the formations in them while Sütini and Uyuzdere Caves are important both for archeological reasons and their formations.


  • The educated domestic and foreign groups wanting to visit the caves need to contact the Speleology Federation.


Speleology Federation bilgi@tumaf.org

Aegean Cave Research and Protection Association info@egemak.org.tr


Speleology is a sports branch and the scientific study concerned with the research and examination of caves. Speleology is the only nature sport that has sports and science intertwined. Sports branches such as walking, camping and rope climbing as well as areas of expertise such as measuring and mapping and also science branches like geology, hidrogeology and biology are all in the scope of speleology. Speleology is not practiced individually. It should be performed within a compatible and experienced team who can get along, who knows each other well and who has a high sense of responsibility. The caves should be entered only after completing necessary trainings and using compatible equipment for it is dangerous as much as it is enjoyable.


The caves should be protected during visits since they are immovable cultural assets. Considering that a stalactite grows 2 cm in 100 years, in order to protect caves, one of the most important beauties of the nature, the following preventions should be effective:


- Unauthorized excavations in caves for treasure hunting etc. should be prevented,

- Prevention of any writings or markings on the walls in the caves that are or are not open to tourism,

- Avoiding to leave any waste to prevent the distortion of the biological environment and the natural beauty,

- Reporting the caves which has destruction to the Speleology Federation,

- The caves which haven’t been researched should be reported to the nearest research group and get registered.