Extra Routes for Eco-tourism

In addition to the known routes in Izmir, there are other potential areas for hiking, horseback riding and bicycle exploring. In these areas, which are mostly in villages or near vicinities, you can access natural sources, examine the flora and have picnics. Some of these areas have places to park your RV, camp, do some rock climbing and enjoy the local products of the villages. We recommend that you keep your camera close at hand to record the beauty of these regions.


  • Bornova-Buca Gökdere Canyon


Nature Hiking Camping Caravan Picnic Rock Climbing


The Gökdere Canyon is near the Gökdere Village which can be accessed from the Buca Kaynaklar road. Gökdere Village, which is in the borders of the Bornova district, is at the mouth of the canyon. The wide expansive camp area located here is also suitable for caravans and picnicking. The flow of water in the canyon river (called Karapınar River-Gökdere River or Izmir River) lasts through July. The banks of this river are a favorite for hikers. There are also good picnic places at the entrance of the canyon. There are trash receptacles and toilets in this area provided by the Bornova municipality. The rocks at the entry of the canyon are suitable for rock climbing. At some points, the view of the canyon converging with the forest is a site worth enjoying.


Calabrian pines, maquis, century old plane trees, streams and naturally therapeutic vegetation (thyme, daisies, bay leaves, sage) are just some of the elements of natural beauty in this canyon.


  • Buca Kaynaklar-Kırıklar-Belenbaşı


Nature Hiking Camping Picnic Rock Climbing CaravanTableland Tourism


Bicycling Horseback Riding - Botanic Tourism


There are forests in this area for nature walks. This region is rich in water sources and perfect for eco-tourism with its natural features. The villages here have understood the importance of eco-tourism and tourism has started to develop in this region. The area is actively used by hikers for rock climbing and camping. 8 kilometers from Kırıklar Village there is an area locally known as “Deliahmet’s Place” about 1032 meters high with the right features for camp-caravan tourism. The region covered in black pine and juniper trees also has natural water sources.


8 kilometers from Kırıklar Village there is an area locally known as “Yörük Düzlüğü” (Nomad’s Plain) at 1050 meters elevation which has been identified for tableland tourism. The centuries-old black pines, paeonia (Paeonia peregrina) and sage plants are lined up along the road.


There are potential areas between the Kırıklar-Kaynaklar-Karaağaç-Belenbaşı villages for horseback riding, hiking and bicycle tourism.


  • Kemalpaşa-Şütcüler-Beşpınar-Ansızca Canyon


Nature Hiking Local produce market Camp Caravan tourism Bicycling Photo Safari


You can access the Beşpınar and Ansızca Canyons via the Izmir-Ankara highway. The highway also provides you with access to Kemalpaşa-Sütcüler-Beşpınar villages and the Beşpınar canyon as well as Kemalpaşa-Ansızca village and the Ansızca canyon.


Beşpınar and Ansızca canyons in this region are hiking routes that are favored by hikers and actively used. The presence of natural water sources in this region, a forest structure that is suitable for hiking and the beauty of nature all attract nature lovers.


Due to a large volume of water flow in the region hiking cannot be done in the winter and spring months here so fall and summer is a preferred time for hikes. Mountain climbing and nature hiking groups contribute to the village economy by stopping for a rest in the Ansızca Village.


The Ansızca canyon can be considered a monument of nature. Sites suitable for camp-caravan tourism, bicycle tourism, horseback exploring, rock climbing, botanic tourism, photo safari and fauna watching (Anatolian eagle, hawks, etc. can be spotted) have been identified here.


  • Kemalpaşa-Nazarköy-Dereköy-Kurudere Canyon


Nature Hiking Camp Caravan Bird Watching Photo Safari Rock Climbing Botanic Tourism Local Produce Market


Nazarköy, on the Kemalpaşa-Torbalı road, is a village that is known for its production of the glass evil eye talisman amulets that are used in many things from gifts to decorations. This village, which is frequented by eco-tourists, is a colorful village where you can find many local products to buy.


The Kurudere canyon is located at the exit of Nif Mountain near Nazarköy.


Nature hikers start at Nazarköy and walk along a 10 km route along the Kurudere Canyon. There are potentially suitable areas for camping and caravans at the entry to the canyon. All along the canyon and in the Nif Mountains, activities like botanic tourism, fauna watching, photo safari, horseback exploring, scouting and bird watching can be organized.


Dereköy is located at the skirts of Mahmut Mountain. About 1 kilometer beyond Dereköy is an area used for camping and rock climbing by mountain hiking groups. There are also sites for training novice rock climbers and also sites favored by professional climbers.


In the areas of Dereköy and Mahmut Mountain many activities can be done like botanic tourism, fauna watching, photo safari, horseback exploring, bicycling tourism, scouting and bird watching.


  • Menemen-Suuçan Waterfall


Nature HikingCamping Botanic Tourism Bird Watching Bicycling


The Suuçan Waterfall can be reached via Menemen-Çukurköy and Aliağa Karakuzu villages. The waterfall is about 34 meters high and on the İbrim River.


Oak, hackberry, terebinth, pine and plane trees can be seen around the Suuçan Waterfall, which is rich in vegetation. There are places in the area that are suitable for camping.


In the areas around Dereköy and the Mahmut Mountain, it is possible to organize activities for botanic tourism, fauna watching, photo safari, horseback exploring, bicycling tourism, scouting and bird watching.


  • Ödemiş-Bademli-Gölcük-Bozdağ-Birgi


Festival Tourism Nature HikingAgro Tourism Photo Safari Winter Tourism Paragliding


The town of Bademli can be reached from the district of Ödemiş or Tire.


A Cherry Festival is organized in this town in the month of June. There is a festival site, picnic areas and camp areas organized for visitors.


There are three nature hike routes from the town of Bademli. These routes are actively used by hikers. These routes end at Cevizli Mountain at 1,200 meters, Mum Kayası at 1,650 meters and Hacetdede at 1,831 meters.


The Bademli River, which flows summer and winter, has three waterfalls of varying heights on it. The largest of these waterfalls has a height of 10 meters.


Agro tourism, horseback exploring, photo safari, bicycling tourism are all possible in this town. The two historical mosques and the centuries old plane tree in the village square are worth seeing.


At the borders of Bademli town near Mum Kayası there is a point at 1,412 meters elevation that is a favorite for paragliding. The City helps para-gliders reach the spot. It is also possible to see mountain tulips in this area.


Ödemiş-Bozdağ is the only region in Izmir for winter tourism. There is also great potential here for paragliding, nature hiking, photo safari and mountain biking.


The Ödemiş-Gölcük Tableland got its name from the Gölcük Lake. The forest here is comprised of black pine trees. There are also economically valuable chestnut trees here. It is possible to enjoy such activities as camping, caravan, nature hiking, bicycling, tableland tourism, sports fishing, bird watching, photo safari, botanic tourism, fauna watching, horseback exploring and scouting here in the tableland.


  • Menderes Deliömerli-Yeniköy and Değirmendere-Ataköy (around Karacadağ)


Nature HikingAgro Tourism Photo Safari Bicycling Camp Caravan Tourism Bird Watching


Deliömerli village can be reached from the Menderes-Gümüldür highway. There is an ancient bath about 1 kilometer away from Deliömerli Village, which is said to be the only Roman bath carved in rock.


There are areas for camping-caravans, bicycling and horseback exploring in the vicinity rich with water sources.


The Menderes-Değirmendere-Ataköy (around Karacadağ) area presents a naturally beautiful scene with pines trees, plane trees and rocks. The roads in Karacadağ are suitable for bicycling tourism and horseback exploring. There is a river flowing through the valley and small waterfalls on the river. The riverside has ideal areas for hikers.


Suitable places for camping and caravans have been identified along the roads and river in Karacadağ. Also it is possible to do fauna watching, scouting and orienteering activities in the region.


  • Karaburun-Mordoğan-Sarpıncık-Iris Lake


It is possible to reach this area via the Izmir-Çeşme highway or the Karaburun exit of the toll road.


Due to being a good distance from Izmir, many of the Karaburun villages have managed to maintain their original features. Since most of the villages have a view of the sea and nature, they are all attractive. It is possible to conduct bicycle tourism and horseback exploring activities on the village roads. Guest houses could be developed in the villages to provide economic support to the locals. It is possible to spot Mediterranean monk seals around the peninsula. There are calving caves of the Mediterranean monk seals in Mordoğan and Sarpıncık. These areas may be placed under protection with a cooperative project by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Forestry and Water Works.


The Karaburun Peninsula is a region favored for underwater diving. Also the Karaburun Peninsula is rich with Neptune grass (Posidonia oceanica).


The Iris Lake Marshes along the Karaburun- Ildır road have striking features. The lake is also a habitat for different types of birds.


  • Güzelbahçe-Payamlı-Küçükkaya-Çamlı


The Payamlı-Küçükkaya-Çamlı villages within the Güzelbahçe district limits are areas where nature hiking routes, bicycling routes, orienteering zones, camp-caravan grounds and festival tourism have been developed. The region is very close to the city center. A fig festival is organized in Payamlı Village every August.


  • Narlıdere-Altınvadi (Alionbaşı River)


Due to its proximity to the center of Narlıdere district, a forest area starting here where the residential area ends and its natural beauty, Altınvadi has high potential for eco tourism. The region is ideal for mountain biking, photo safari and horseback exploring.


  • Tire-Sarılar-Çeşme Başı and Subaşı Regions


In the Çeşmebaşı and Subaşı regions of Sarılar village in the district of Tire there are plane trees, some of which are over 500 years old and have a circumference over 10 meters, that are monuments of nature. These trees, which have also reached a significant size, are worth seeing.


There are no roads in the region with water sources that are suitable for vehicles. There is an undiscovered natural beauty about this region.


  • Kemalpaşa-Ovacık-Kayrak-Çatalköprü Region


There are many monumental old chestnut trees in this region. These ancient chestnut trees and mixed forests located around the recreation area near Ovacık Village have a rare structure. The area, which has been designated as a research forest and wildlife development zone, is also suitable for eco tourism activities.


The river in Sinancılar of the Ovacık Village flows summer and winter. There are walking routes in the river valley. Around Kayrak village and Çatalköprü there are areas to develop nature walking routes and sports fishing. The Ovacık region is extremely suitable for botanic tourism thanks to the local climate.