Wildlife Protection Areas

Wildlife protection areas are places with a high protection status due to the sensitivity of the species that live in them. The Homa Dalyan Wildlife Protection Area in the province of Izmir is under the charge of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs IV. Region Directorate Izmir Branch Headquarters.


  • Homa Lagoon Wildlife Protection Area - Menemen


The Homa Lagoon Wildlife Protection Area located in the Menemen - Çamaltı Tuzla region is 25 kilometers northwest of Izmir where the Gediz River had emptied in the past. It holds a saltwater and freshwater ecosystem, coves, salt marshes and lagoons and is an expansive shore wetland that covers 8,000 hectares of the 20,400 hectare Gediz Delta Wetlands Area.


There is a visitor center, preservation building and three different bird watching towers in various locations throughout the area.


In areas where visitors are forbidden two different closed circuit camera systems have been provide to watch birds in five different locations without disrupting them. The footage from the cameras placed in two different locations are transmitted to the visitor center through underground fiber optic cables and power transmission lines extending 3,600 meters to one camera and 3,400 meters to the other. The images are watched on two different monitors here.


The images from the cameras placed at such a remote location for the first time in Turkey, are broadcast with the help of fiber optic cables and the multimod technique. The cameras can move 356 degrees laterally and 175 degrees vertically.


Very special lenses have been used for the zoom control to enable up to 30 times magnification. This enables clear viewing up to 2.5 kilometers from the camera location without disrupting the bird habitat.