Monumental Trees
  • The Kunduracı Plane Tree - Buca


The monumental plane tree in Buca district Kaynaklar Village is one thousand years old. It got its name from a merchant who repaired shoes (kunduracı). The tree is 30 meters tall and has a trunk circumference of 13 meters. The park that the tree is in is used as a resting place on the weekends.


  • The Ovacık chestnuts - Bayındır


In the village of Ovacık in Bayındır district, a place in Izmir famous for its old chestnut trees, you can see trees that are centuries old. Among these trees that have witnessed history there is one particular tree certified as being 515 years old with a diameter of three meters and a height of 8 meters. There are many other trees around the certified tree with similar features predicted to be one thousand years old.


  • Aslan Poplar - Bayındır


The poplar tree in İzmir’s Bayındır district Kızıloba Village is in a river three kilometers from the village. Its estimated age is one thousand 300 years and its diameter is 5.22 meters. The trunk circumference of the tree is 21 meters and it stands 39 meters high. This tree is thought to have the thickest trunk among all the trees of a monumental nature in our country.


  • Dede Terebinth - Menemen


This tree located on a hill in Menemen district Çaltı village, was called “Dede (grandfather) terebinth” by the locals because of an entombed saint nearby. Certified as a natural monument this terebinth tree is 900 years old. The village holds activities and “aşure” festivals around this tree.


  • Özbek Cypress - Urla


This cypress tree in the courtyard of the Özbek Village Mosque, the plane tree in the village square of Kuşçular Village and the trees in Urla called “Koca Sakız” (big mastic) are all monumental trees. The Özbek cypress is predicted to be 100 years old.


  • Gencer Plane Tree - Beydağ


The Gencer plane tree in Beydağ district is one of the most magnificent trees in the area. Predicted to be around 600 years old the tree is 27 meters tall and has a diameter of three meters. The tree is a symbol of the activity called “Gencer” in which young girls of the area congregated under the tree to get to know each other.


  • The Kral Valonia Oak - Kemalpaşa


This valonia oak in Kemalpaşa district Mezarlık region is a large trunked tree inside cherry orchards. Predicted to be 900 years old this tree has the thickest trunk among the monumental oaks in our country. It has a circumference of 8.50 meters, a diameter of 2.7 meters and stands 27 meters tall.


  • Çeşteman Poplar Tree - Tire


The Çeşteman Poplar on the Selçuk-Tire road is estimated to be 800 years old. It stands 37 meters tall and has a diameter of 2.55 meters. The poplar tree has a special place in the local culture. It is a known fact that Kanuni Sultan Süleyman set up his pavilion under this poplar tree, when he was setting out on his voyage to Rhodes. It is also recorded in the local history that Evliya Çelebi passed under this tree and the famous French author Le Martin also rested here.