Wetlands are areas with artificial or natural, permanent or temporary, stagnant or flowing, fresh or salt water swamps, marches, wet meadows and bogs, including areas of sea water that do not exceed six meters during tides. There are 4 wetlands that fit this description in Izmir. You can go bird watching or on a photo safari in such places.


  • The Gediz Delta Wetlands - Izmir Bird Sanctuary Menemen


The Gediz Delta Wetlands are in Menemen, within the Çiğli district limits to the northwest of the Izmir Bay. It has an area of 20,400 hectares. Within the Izmir Bird Sanctuary area, there is a salt water ecosystem (Dalyanlar and Çamaltı salt marsh pools), fresh water ecosystem (marshes), pastures and hilly areas comprising four different types of ecosystems. In the areas where fresh and saltwater pass through; a hard water ecosystem is encountered. In this area 289 species of birds and 315 species of plants have been observed. The species that are seen most frequently are flamingo, spurling, black backed gull, snowy plover, Mediterranean gull, pygmy cormorant, mallard, ruddy shelduck, Dalmatian pelican, Caspian swallow, black billed plover, swamp swallow, stone curlew, little egret, oystercatcher, stilts and coot. At the Izmir bird sanctuary, where there are many different species of birds, there are also a number of other animals like jackals, fox, rabbit, wild boar, weasel, hedgehog, snake and marsh cat.


  • Gebekirse Lake Wetlands - Selçuk


This wetland is located in Selçuk District in the area of Zeytinköy inside the Küçük Menderes Delta. It is very close to the Izmir province center and tourist destinations like Kuşadası, Selçuk and Gümüldür. The area spans over 839.2 hectares. It has a fresh and saltwater ecosystem. There are about 50 species of birds living here. The entire area is a First Degree Preservation Zone.


  • Belevi Lake Wetlands - Selçuk


This Wetland is located in Selçuk district Belevi region in the Küçük Menderes Delta. It has a lake area of 150 hectares. A number of different bird species live in this freshwater ecosystem.


  • Gölcük Lake Wetlands - Ödemiş


This wetland in the Ödemiş District, Gölcük region was declared a wetland in 2006. It has an area of 80 hectares. A number of different bird species live in this freshwater ecosystem.