Nature Parks

Izmir is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs IV. Regional Directorate and there are two nature parks under protection, 14 recreation areas and four natural monuments.


The nature parks under protection are the Örnekköy and Meryemana Nature Parks with special vegetation and wildlife, which provide a piece of nature in which people can rest and have fun convening with nature.


The recreation areas in Izmir that cover wide expanses and have the capacity to host thousands of people have the facilities to meet the needs of both daily and overnight guests. The recreation areas in Izmir are Ekmeksiz, Kalemlik, Klaros, Gümüldür, Tanay, Gümüşsuyu, Teos çamlık, Uzunkuyu, Güvendik, Egeoğlu, Karabel, Çiçekli, Karagöl and Yamanlar.


  • Örnekköy Nature Park - Karşıyaka


Located in the Karşıyaka district limits, this park is 15 kilometers away from Izmir and at about 400 meter elevation. The park is on a sloping area that varies between 350 and 450 meters elevation. With 112 identified species of plants the park has a wealth of biodiversity. An ideal habitat for partridges to breed, the park also has wolves, jackals and wild boar. Some of the bird species that can be observed here are hawks, ouzels, owls, partridge and wood pigeons.


  • Meryemana Nature Park - Selçuk


Located in the limits of Selçuk, this park is 82 kilometers from Izmir and 6 kilometers from Selçuk. Within the limits of the park that can be accessed by car or by tour buses, are the Ortaburun, Kapılıdağ, Dede hills. The area that is comprised of two valleys has amazing flora. The area flora includes calabrian pine, sandalwood, cermes oak, wild olive, heather, hedera, carob and mullein. Wolf, jackal, hawk, ouzel and owl are some of the flora species found here.


The protected Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) Nature Park is a valuable region in terms of archeology, history, culture, geology, geomorphology and biology. The area surrounding the House of Virgin Mary is a place where photo safaris, trekking and mountain climbing activities take place to enjoy the natural and cultural value and also where scientific research is conducted.