The City of Congress and Fairs

The foundation of fair tradition of Izmir hosted the first fair of the history of the country is laid in the 1th Economic Congress held on 17th of February 1923.


During this congress many different product was exhibited such as hand machines, small industrial products, Usak, Isparta, Kula and Gordes carpets, fatty products, soaps, shoes, cotton, macaroni, furniture, bakery foods, leather products, colognes, agricultural tools, halvah, mineral samples, bricks and tiles, wines, timber and tobacco products in Hamparsumyan Building where had been used as repository of the Ottoman Bank in the İkinci Kordon.


Thus, the process to be hosted the World's leading limited fairs with the largest exhibition area also has been started in İzmir that sets the target as being city of the congress and fairs" in the 1th Economic Congress, in 1923.


After this major fair held in the 1st Economic Congress, 9 Eylül Mahalli Sergisi (9 September Local Fair) that would call as the first of the 1th Izmir International Fair was opened in the Mithat Paşa Art Institute in 4th of September 1927.


Izmir welcomes 71 official organization, 195 local companies and 72 organizations from Poland, Germany, Russia, United States, England, Italy, France, Switzerland and Hungary participated in this initial fair in a historical school trained industrialists for the industry of the city.


This fair was organized in 1928, still in the same school with same enthusiasm. This time, 515 companies including 155 foreign companies were participated to 2nd Izmir International Fair in Mithat Paşa Art Institute.


The exhibition could not be held in Izmir until 1933 due to the economic crisis in 1929 and in 1933 an exhibition was performed at "national" level with the name of "9 Eylül Panayırı" (9th September Fair). The exhibition was opened at today's Republic Square.


3rd Izmir International Fair which was opened as “Arıulusal İzmir Panayırı”, this time at the international level still in Republic Square followed this fair in 1938.


After the fair organized at the same place again, it was opened in Kültürpark that has built by giving great effort in 1936.


The fair was named Izmir International Fair (İEF) in 20th of August 1937 and become one of the most important commercial activity of the country broaches a memorable place in the life of people living in İzmir with Kültürpark where the fair is organized, green areas, owned facilities, the mobility that has brought to the city's social, recreational and commercial life. The fair remaining open for almost a month for long years has imprinted on the memories as a longingly expected event all over the country.


Today, dozens of major fairs have been organized with the participation of many countries in the world with many different themes except of İEF in Izmir where set its target as "being city of congress and fairs" in 1923 and achieved this target step by step through Izmir International Fair.


International fairs are held in Fuar Izmir opened its door in Gaziemir in 2015 in order to make the potential for increased fairs in the city sustainable and to give higher quality services. Fairs in both areas are organized by Izmir Fair Services Culture and Art Affairs Inc. (İZFAŞ) which is the exhibition company of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.


Fuar Izmir serving in 330 thousand square meters area as the largest, the most modern, and the newest exhibition center of Turkey is seen as a symbol of success of information, knowledge and experience of a city reached at a challenging the way more than 90 years in the field of fair.


Cultural centers, congress centers and five-star hotels in which national and international fairs, congresses, exhibitions, workshops and symposiums are organized throughout the year with all kinds of technology are also available in Izmir outside of the two main exhibition area. These facilities are serving in the center or immediately surrounding districts of the Izmir where is in a few-hour flight from the world's most important capital.


Izmir International Fair (IEF) held in Kültürpark Fair Area, International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair (Marble), Wedding Gowns and Evening Wear Fair (IF WEDDING) held in Fuar Izmir are at the top the list of the world's most important fairs and held in Izmir.