Night Life

Enjoy the Fun in Izmir.


Izmir has a very colorful nightlife. In Izmir, transportation is easy and the distances are short, there are many options that offer you fun and pleasurable hours at night.


Would you like an enjoyable spot where you can dine and chat with your friends accompanied by easy listening music, when the day turns to night? Or would you like to stroll in the open air, and see the glimmering city and the sea beside the Historical Elevator? Maybe you would like to sit at a bar overlooking the see at Kordon and drink an ice-cold drink, or maybe you would like to lie on the grass at Gündoğdu, to watch the stars. You may also enjoy singing out loud a song you like, or to dance to your favorite artist's songs. Whatever you look for, İzmir offers many activities and locations for you to enjoy at night, just like in the daytime.


Konak, Basmane and Alsancak, which are situated in downtown Izmir, and Bornova and Karşıyaka, which are districts that are close by, offer all kinds of night clubs, restaurants, taverns, bars, pubs and hotel bars.


Some fish and meat restaurants that offer alcoholic drinks in the area, also provide live music. In club-style locations with open air or garden sections, and that are generally reservation-based, offer live concerts of famous musicians some evenings.


As there is a ban on smoking in closed areas in Turkey, the entertainment venues generally feature an open smoking section or a garden. Most of these locations can also be accessed with a wheelchair and they offer Internet access and payment with credit card.


Other entertainment venues outside the city center are generally located at seaside towns of Çeşme, Seferihisar, Dikili and Foça. There are beaches and clubs that offer a great pastime for visitors, especially in summer.





Alsancak, Basmane and Konak regions can easily be accessed with private vehicles, taxis, public transport or subways, and they offer many different entertainment venues with various characteristics.


There are many cafes, dining and music restaurants, bars, night clubs, clubhouses, pubs, hotel bars, taverns, karaoke bars, escape houses, etc. in almost every street in the Alsancak region, especially in the Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi. There are places that cater to every budget, and that you may go to with your family, spouse or friends.


There are luxurious meat and fish restaurants, taverns, bars, pubs and the bars of many accommodation facilities in 1. and 2. Kordon, Liman Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Bulvarı (the 1st and 2nd Kordon, Liman Avenue, Cumhuriyet Boulevard) after Pasaport in Alsancak.


Another important feature of this area is that it offers the opportunity to have fun in open air for those who wish to. You can breathe the sea air and stroll, sit on the grass at Gündoğdu Place and drink whatever you want while eating iced almonds and watching the stars in the area between the Cumhuriyet Place and Liman, which is called Kordon.


The inner part of Alsancak, especially the Kıbrıs Şehitleri Caddesi, host locations that mostly cater to young people. Pubs, cafes and taverns concentrated on the Can Yücel, Muzaffer İzgü and Gazi Kadınlar Streets are open every day of the week.


Most of the nightclubs on the Şair Eşref Bulvarı and in Liman Caddesi, are open only certain days of the week and can only be accessed through reservations. These places mostly offer concerts by famous musicians.


In addition to dining and music restaurants that also offer alcoholic drinks, cafes, Turkish folk song bars, taverns, beer houses, nightclubs, pubs and hotel bars are located in the Konak and Basmane area. Basmane region features special programs of hotel bars, in addition to nightclubs certified by the Ministry Culture and Tourism.





One of the most important destinations of not only İzmir, but Turkey, Çeşme and Alaçatı within its borders are attraction centers that are highlighted with their beautiful sea and beaches, and their active nightlife. There are many pubs, nightclubs, taverns, hotel bars and beach clubs in Çeşme. Many local and foreign famous musicians give concerts in large nightclubs during summer months.





There are various cafes and restaurants on the ground floor of Folkart Towers in Bayraklı. Turan region of Bayraklı offer nightclubs that throw very exciting parties along with live music.


The seaside of Karşıyaka offer many luxurious meat and fish restaurants, beer houses with live music, taverns, bars and cafes that offer valet parking, open areas, and food along with light music and sea views. In Bostanlı and Mavişehir, there are bars, pubs, beer houses and cocktail bars where you can listen to live music.





Bornova is defined as a university area and it offers entertainment venues that students and young people prefer, in addition to nightclubs where famous musicians give private concerts. Bars, rock bars, beer houses and cafes are generally concentrated around Küçükpark, and nightclubs are generally around Kazım Dirik Neighborhood, Süvari Caddesi and Yüzbaşı İbrahim Hakkı Caddesi.





Balçova, Narlıdere and Güzelbahçe cater to all segments and this is a region that mostly offers dining places, meat-barbecue style restaurants, night clubs, taverns, bars, beer houses and pubs.


Balçova hosts many large shopping malls and there are cafes and pubs where live music is played inside these malls.


In Üçkuyular, on the sea side, the area between Levent Marina and İnciraltı and Sahilevleri regions is generally filled with fish restaurants, luxury restaurants, taverns, cafes and night clubs. These places open up near noon and are open for service until 01:00 am.





The cute seaside town of İzmir, Urla, is highlighted with its fish restaurants and small local restaurants, and it has beer houses, pubs and bars that mostly open in summer months.





The entertainment venues in Buca are generally located on the Menderes Caddesi near downtown, and Şirinyer. The district also houses university campuses and contain many cafés that cater to young people and students. Buca also hosts many taverns, beer houses, bars and night clubs.





Fish restaurants that offer alcoholic drinks on the seaside, and small restaurants cater to Foça and there are beer houses, pubs and bars that mostly serve in the summer.





The entertainment venues in Seferihisar are concentrated in the Sığacık region on the seaside. Around Sığacık castle, there are fish restaurants, cafes and bars where you can take in the wonderful sea view. In Seferihisar and Gümüldür, there are bars and cafes that offer live music, especially in summer, in addition to boutique hotels.





Dikili is a quiet coastal town and the entertainment venues are generally more active in the summer months, when summer tourists are concentrated in the town. You can sip your drink and watch the sea in pubs, bars and cafes on the seaside of Dikili.