Embrace the sun...


Considering beaches, one of the first places that come to mind is Çeşme. Çeşme peninsula has a coastline of 29 kilometres along with a cleat sea, sun, fine sands, and sulphurous healing waters bubbling in the sea. There are beaches each more beautiful than the other at this coastal area. There are almost 20 beaches, particularly Şifne, Küçük Port, Pırlanta, Paşa Port, Ilıca Plajı, Çiftlik, Altınkum, Çatal Azmak, Sakızlı Cove, Tekke Beach and Ayayorgi.


Besides Çeşme, Dikili also is a site famous for its beaches.


As one of the counties from where sunset may be watched best, the total length of beaches in Dikili district and Çandarlı county within Dikili exceeds 40 kilometres.


Pamucak county of Selçuk district is another site famous for its beaches. Located at 8 kilometres distance from Efes towards Kuşadası direction, Pamucak is famed with vast beaches and sand. Pamucak Beach attracts tourists with its pristine appearance.


While strolling through these wonderful beaches, do not forget to inhale the fresh air and collect seashells...