Boat Tours

Enjoy the Aegean Waters


İzmir is a city that enchants visitors with its unique coves. The only thing you need to discover the coves and enjoy the sea, sun and amazing landscape until the very evening is going aboard one of the excursion boats.


You can board these one-day excursion boats at the coasts of Çeşme, Seferihisar, Gümüldür, Özdere, Karaburun, Foça and Dikili.


The boats will cruise among the coasts and anchor for some time in the coves for you to dive into turquoise waters. If you so desire, you can rent these boats for a cruise just for you and your family, instead of the cruises shared with everyone. You may watch the moonlight at the coves you prefer, swim during the knight, fish or give a party for your friends.


With the excursions made by sea from Çeşme, you can see Eşek (Donkey) Island where donkeys walk free, along with Jandarma Cove and Mavi Cove. You can watch the beauties underwater within the clear waters of this cove.


If you board the boat from Seferihisar, ruins, Papaz Strait, Taşada, Mud Bath and Akvaryum will be among stops where you can swim.


With boat excursions boarded at Foça, you may see Siren Rocks –Mediterranean Monk Seal preservation area, Orak Island with its rabbits, and feel refreshed in the perfect blue waters of İncir Island and English Point.


With the excursions from Dikili, you will again have a day coupled by landscapes where green and blue embraces. During the cruise that you will not want to ever stop, you will set anchor at Ali Baba Cove, Pizza Cove, Killik Cove and Ilıca Cove.


In addition to one-day boat excursions, there are schooner type wooden cruise ships in some counties with which you can go out for a blue cruise. It is possible to rent sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts or mega yachts as you prefer.


With these boats of which schedule is for you to determine, you can purchase weeklong or ten-days tours that start from Urla and stretch towards Karaburun, Çeşme, Alaçatı, Kuşadası and Didim. When you dock at the coasts, you can find an opportunity to go on land and shop at the bazaars where local products, especially various herbs are sold. While giving such a break, you can also visit the historical sites within these coastal sites.