Mysterious underwater worlds


Enjoying the existence of wonderful coves in regards to underwater assets, the places most preferred for diving in İzmir are coves of Karaburun, Mordoğan, Selçuk, Foça, Çeşme, Urla, Seferihisar and Dikili.


At these coves where you will have the chance of seeing the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, there are many underwater sports centres that will provide services to you. You can receive diving training in these centres.


You may find many establishments to receive services regarding these sports at İzmir city centre and in the coastal towns you go to visit, and even inside some large hotels.


If you ask “Where to dive?”...


Karaburun Peninsula attracts many people throughout Turkey to the area for diving. Due to an abundance of water flow paths, very fine images can be captured during dives and especially underwater photographers prefer the region.


There are some important points to keep in mind about diving we recommend you to consider. For example diving is forbidden in the protected cultural areas. The diving activities to be done are subject to permission of İzmir Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism.


It is obligatory for the foreign sportsmen to dive in company with Turkish divers.


You can find out more about the restricted diving areas at www.sgk.tsk.tr.