Trekking - Hiking

One of the most enjoyable group sports inside the nature and away from the stress of the city is trekking. İzmir is a very suitable city for trekking both at the city center and at the districts around it. There are many routes and civil society organizations to walk through these routes with in İzmir, the city where you can listen to the sound of the birds, breathe in fresh air and get close to nature.


Among the go-to areas for hiking are Ödemiş Bozdağlar, Gölcük Lake, Nif Mountain, Kozak Plateau, Gediz Delta Wetlands, Küçük Menderes Delta, Belevi Lake, Karaburun Peninsula, Tire, Menderes, Karacadağ and their surrounding area, Balçova-Narlıdere backs, Buca and its villages, Güzelbahçe and its villages, Kemalpaşa- Bayındır- Ovacık, Karabel, Çiçekli, and Şirince.


Kordon coast in the city center, Kültürpark, Karşıyaka coast, Bostanlı coast, Güzelyalı coast, Buca Hasanağa Garden, Bornova Sakarya Park, İnciraltı Çakalburnu Recreation Area, Bayraklı coast are among the first walking areas that come to mind which can also be considered easy.


If you are hiking at Bayındır, Beydağ, Dikili, Kemalpaşa, Kiraz, Menderes, Menemen, Ödemiş you can come across waterfalls, lakes, endemic plants and village markets.


Karşıyaka Yamanlar Karagöl Nature Park Çeşme Ilıca Tanay Nature Park, Bornova Çiçekli Nature Park, Bornova, Menderes Gümüldür Nature Park, Virgin Mary Natural Park in Selçuk district, İzmir Bird Paradise Area Gediz Delta Wetlands and the Ramsar Site and Foca Special Environmental Protection Area are also popular locations that are included in routes.


You can consult associations or clubs about the difficulty levels of routes for an enjoyable and safe hike. Here are a few suggestions:



While taking a hike...


As the hiking lovers know, the best times to hike are the spring months. The spring months, when the flowers grow, the snow melts and rivers flow are the most preferred season for hiking. We recommend you to have with you an ergonomic backpack which is not heavy, a stick you can get support from on the road, comfortable shoes, a little snack, water and of course a camera.


  • Canyons


There are also canyons in İzmir to which you can arrive on your bike or by walking. The mountaineering clubs in İzmir will help you determine a route to reach to these canyons where you can cool off while the city is very hot and find fresh water sources.


Among the most known and visited canyons in İzmir are:

  • Bayramlı Canyon (between Mahmut Mountain and Kandil Hill)
  • Kemalpaşa Nazarköy, also known as Kuruköy Canyon,
  • Buca Kaynaklar-Gökdere Canyon
  • Kemalpaşa Ansızca Village Ansızca Canyon
  • Turgutlu Armutlu Sulu Canyon.


We recommend you to have non-slippery shoes, a hat, a stick and backup clothes in case you get wet while visiting the canyons.