İzmir - Tire Museum Management

Address: Samizade Meydani No:10 - Tire
Working hours: Every day excluding Monday 08.30 - 12.30/13.30 - 17.30


The Tire museum is an archeology and ethnography museum founded in 1935.


Among the valuable pieces in the museum collection are silver coins (mangir) pressed in the Tire Printing House. The vignetted mangirs were considered very valuable in the Ottoman Era. Tire pressed coins have a special place in respectable collections worldwide.


In the museum there are portable cultural values in the Archeology and Ethnography halls. In the Archeology Hall there are statues from between 3500 B.C. and 1100 A.D., funeral steles, marble table legs, marble and terracotta sarcophagi, glass artifacts, terracotta oil lamps, coins by chronological order, bronze oil lamps, electrum and silver coins and terracotta statuette pieces and statues of children.


In the Ethnography hall are handwritten Korans, writing sets, male and female coats, bedstead covers (with threading and tinsel), dowry chests, pattens, bath and healing bowls, silver women’s jewelry, ceramics originally from Europe which were used in the Ottoman Era, various period tools of war, dervish and zawiya items, Çanakkale ceramics, paintings, carpets, rugs and leaded windows on display.