Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar

The Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, which starts at Konak Square beside the government office, and spans Mezarlıkbaşı and Anafartalar Road, is known as the largest open-air bazaar in the country. For all of the Republic Era the bazaar has been Izmir’s capital area for trade and some of the historical inns stand as proof of this. Kemeraltı is the city’s heart with the inns, the marble fountains, the historical mosques, the synagogues, the craftsmen who present their hand crafted goods which represent the city, the shopkeepers with desserts special to Izmir and shops for all needs.


The bazaar, which hosts thousands of people every day, spans 270 hectares and houses around 15 thousand stores.


Kemeraltı is the first place to visit if you come to Izmir. It reflects the colorfulness and liveliness of the city itself.


When you go to Kemeraltı; do not leave without having coffee in the Kızlarağasi Inn, having milk pudding in Hisaronu, eating shambali, having double roasted Turkish delights, having dibek coffee, drinking pickle juice froı the Kemeralti pickle store, having Izmir’s special arapsaçı, şevketi bostan or Izmir meatloaves from local diners, gazing at the awe inspiring jewellery in the jewelers bazaar and stopping by the seasoning stores.