Free Yourself In the Nature

With its mountains, plains, highlands, lakes, rivers, caves, fertile lands, Mediterranean climate flora, wildlife, bird sanctuary, rich fauna, marshlands, swamps, bay and peninsula Izmir has dazzling natural beauty.


When you add year-round sunshine to its eco-tourism wealth, many activities can be done in Izmir immersed in nature.


When we assess Izmir’s eco-tourism capacity, there are many different activities that stand out in its 30 districts. In Izmir, where the tourism diversity increases on a daily basis, you will find many eco-tourism routes to discover the natural beauty, get acquainted with local abundance and do sports or rest on your own or in groups.


Once you have the peninsula wind at your back, you can grab your bike or set out hiking along olive grove or vineyard paths. By following the blue route, you can experience the unique beauty of the peninsula, explore the Aegean islands, and do everything related to the sea from fishing to traveling, tourism to sports and set out into the open sea.


Along the way, you can stop at the villages and towns you travel through to taste the local produce at the markets, talk to the locals and discover local dishes.


Also, an important destination in eco tourism, Izmir is ideal for mountain climbing, trekking, cave tourism, orienteering, horseback riding, botanical tourism, highland tourism, bird watching (ornithology), wildlife observation, aviation sports, agro tourism and camp and caravan tourism.