İzmir: The Surf Capital

If you are one of those who cannot imagine a vacation without sea sports, then you are at the right place…


Sea in İzmir means an endless water that enables all kinds of sports on and under water.


In some of the districts in İzmir, especially in Alaçatı, the sea means surfing. Alaçatı is one of the most special surfing paradises, not only in Turkey but also in the world. The district receives strong wind 6 months a year. The difference of the area from the other surfing centers is that the sea does not get deep for a long distance. Thanks to its characteristics, not only professional surfers but also people from all ages can surf safely here in these waters. Having many surfing schools for people who need training, Alaçatı welcomes famous surfers from all around the world with the occasion of international surf contests held between May and October. Another region preferred for not getting deep quickly is Ilıca. It is another ideal location for non-professional surf lovers. Another location for surf is Pırlanta (Diamond) Cove in Çiftlikköy, 10 kilometers away from Çeşme and right across the Chios Island. Taking its name from its sand that shines like diamonds, this area is preferred by professional surfers for it receives a lot of wind and has strong waves. The Cove also has a favorable geographic structure for kitesurfing which has been popular in recent years. There is also a kitesurf facility at the beach.


Another location convenient for kitesurfing is the Yumru Cove. This place hosts international, European and Turkish windsurf competitions thanks to its geographic location, the wind it receives for 11 months a year and its shallow structure.


For surf, windsurf and kitesurf you can visit İçmeler-Urla, Akkum Seferihisar, Çandarlı-Foça and for jet ski, banana, water ski, pedalo, canoe etc. you can visit Menderes, Karaburun, Dikili and Selçuk.