Just a Step Away from You!

İzmir is a city you can easily travel to as well as a city you will have no difficulties travelling in an around.


It is possible to reach out to a 1.5 billion population with a 3 hour flight from İzmir.


İzmir is one of the cities which provide easy transportation both domestically and internationally via sea, air, land and railroad thanks to the advantage its geographic location brings.


You can take direct flights to 34 countries and 86 destinations and also can travel to İzmir from thousands of different countries via İstanbul which is only one hour of flight distance away.


You can travel to the most popular destinations in Turkey in a couple of hours such as Kapadokya, Antalya, Mardin, Gaziantep and Trabzon with direct flights from İzmir.


It is also possible to travel to İzmir via the ferries that operate from Greek Islands.


İzmir is a holiday paradise to which you can travel easily thanks to its geographic location and transportation opportunities. Visit and discover…