The City of Health

İzmir: The city of those who dream of a healthy life!


İzmir is among the leading cities with its fresh air, enjoyable venues right next to the sea, hospitals, modern health facilities, specialist doctors in various fields, accommodation facilities that appeal to every budget, clinical rest houses, two hour flight duration to European countries and advanced land, sea and air transportation.


The most important healing center of the 4th century BC, named after the ancient god of medicine and healing Asclepius, Asclepion was built in Pergamon, İzmir. On the doors of these ancient medical facilities which set an example to modern ones, it says “Death cannot come in”.


İzmir is one of the first cities that come to mind when medical tourism, thermal tourism, medical SPA, geriatrics and handicapped tourism is concerned.


The city which has 300 days of sunshine a year offers a variety of outdoor activities like windsurfing, kitesurfing, mountain biking, swimming, diving, trekking and camping. There are over 100 mountain trails for hiking and mountain biking; in fact only the city center has a 40 km long coastal path including a track and a cycling trail.


We hope you spend healthy, peaceful, happy and joyful days here in beautiful İzmir.