A Peaceful and Modern City Life

Life in this city is joyful; it’s just like home…


With its natural treasures, blue flag beaches that lie along the shore, historical values, various accommodation options that appeal to every budget; sound infrastructure of sea, air, land and railway transportation; healthy, delicious and colorful cuisine, warm and friendly people, İzmir is a city the visitors of which return home satisfied and wanting to come back again.


Once you're in İzmir, a well-planned schedule can enable you to tour the historical and touristic places of the city, to walk around the astonishing streets of historical Kemeraltı Bazaar, most likely to come across a festival or an international fair, to try out the appetizing local food, get to have a taste of the luscious desserts, and to stroll around the colorful traditional bazaars breathing in the enchanting smell of fresh fruit and vegetables.


If you wish, you can swim in the healing water of the crystal clear sea of Çeşme Ilıca or tour the local product bazaar of Ödemiş which is thousands of square meters wide. You can discover the neat streets of the Citta Slow Seferihisar that are inside a fortress and enjoy reviving memories while chatting with the local elders.


You can go on a boat trip on the pristine seas of Dikili and Foça, go fishing at the beaches or see the sunset with your loved ones at the sea food restaurants in the company of delicious side dishes and fish. If you wish, you can travel back to your childhood riding on a swing at the outdoor picnic areas or you can make your way to an elegant shopping mall that has chain stores of world famous brands and experience a glamourous world. In the morning, you can have breakfast on the Pasaport shore and have Boyoz, Gevrek and Cheese, then wander around the beach that is adorned with palm trees.


You can hop on a ferry from the Pasaport Pier and travel to Karşıyaka with the wind kissing your face.


Again, you can taste the delicious herbs, olive oil dishes, delicious kebabs and pastry indigenous to İzmir at the restaurants or the local diners in Konak, the symbol of İzmir. You can discover Lokma, the scrumptious dessert with a heavenly smell. It's usually handed out on the streets for charity, freshly baked and with a plenty of cinnamon on top.


Many festivals and celebrations are organized in almost every region of the city at which people from every culture come together and express themselves.


You can also watch plays, concerts and other shows at one of the numerous art venues in the city.


Come and spend your holiday in İzmir and enjoy all the opportunities this magical city offers!