Discover the 8500 Year History

Are you ready to explore 8.500 years of richness?


İzmir has always been a city people preferred to live in with its location at the West of the East and at the East of the West; the city has been a home to countless civilizations since it was founded.


İzmir is a city that was founded twice. The first settlement of ancient Smyrna dates back to 3,000 BC. The city was founded for the second time in Kadifekale (Pagos) in 4th Century by one of the generals of Alexander the Great.


Countless historical sites adorn İzmir. Agora, was a meeting place for all commercial, political, and religious activities for the local people. It is the best preserved and the largest among all the Ionian agoras.


Pergamum, the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamon during the Hellenistic Period, and Ephesus, one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League during the Classical Greek Era make İzmir a historian’s dream! Ephesus, which is famed for the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is also home to the Temple of Zeus.


Kemeraltı, the old bazaar is filled with some colorful knickknacks that will remind you of İzmir. The oldest meeting point and shopping center of the city, Kemeraltı is the busiest pedestrian district of İzmir. Asansör (Elevator) is probably the most recognized landmark of İzmir. Built by a Jewish banker, Nesim Levi, in 1907, it provides access from the lower coastline level to the hillside level. The balcony in the upper level provides excellent views of the entire Gulf of İzmir and is now a great dining spot. The Clock Tower at the city center which was built in 1901 by German architects to commemorate the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit II is the city’s unofficial symbol. Pasaport Pier, Alsancak Train Station, Stock Exchange Hall and Former Ottoman Bank are among other architectural structures worth seeing based on their importance in their time and location.