The Multi-Faith City

İzmir has hosted several different faiths from past to present for thousands of years.


People have prayed in various impressive religious structures such as the temples with statues dedicated to mother goddesses, churches, synagogues and mosques. People in the city have always lived freely in mutual respect and tolerance.


The fact that the House of Virgin Mary, which has been declared as the place of “pilgrimage” by the Christians, “Church of the Councils”, the first church to have been built for Virgin Mary, and the Saint John Basilica are located in İzmir, makes the city an attractive district for faith tourism. Moreover, in the city there are several synagogues, which date back to the 16th century.


Thousands of visitors, either domestic or foreign, come to İzmir every year to see these places and worship there. The faith tourism has gradually become more important day by day. The ruined structures are being restored and sometimes they are turned into a museum, an art house or a cultural center. Meanwhile, the prayers for peace, unity and fruitfulness are still being echoed on the walls of those places…


Having been a home to various different beliefs throughout the history, countless enchanting religious artifacts from temples of the mother goddesses’ to churches and from synagogues to mosques are here for you to visit.