İzmir, the City of Sun

Fell free while planning your travel: The sun shines on you 300 days a year in İzmir.


No matter what the season is, if you want to go on a vacation, you don’t have to wait for the summer months to enjoy the sun. In İzmir, the sun shines on the fertile plains, deep blue waters, foothills on which the animals grass, streets on where the happy people wander for 300 hundred days of the year.


Many of the beaches along the 629 km coastline of İzmir are “Blue Flag” ones. The city in which spectacular beaches lie next to one another and the summer tourism develops naturally attracts visitors from all around the world.


The world famous holiday destination Çeşme welcomes a great crowd during the summer. Being located on a peninsula at which the North and the South winds collide makes the location a center of attraction for windsurfers. Alaçatı, which is located on the Çeşme peninsula, is a world famous attraction center with its colorful nightlife. Once a farming village, Alaçatı welcomes its visitors with dozens of inns and boutique hotels and also attracts a great crowd from May to September with its international windsurf competitions organized on shallow seas that provide safe surfing.


Foça, about 70 km northwest of the city center, is another coastal district which attracts thousands every summer with its sun, sea and sand. With their unique and authentic environments, the districts of Dikili, Karaburun, Menderes and Seferihisar complete the city from the north to the south..


Feel the warmth of sunshine throughout your vacation here in İzmir!