The Urla Grape Harvest Festival

Urla / İzmir

The Urla Grape Harvest Festival

Urla district is one of the leading districts in grape and wine production. So that, Evliya Çelebi described a vine in the middle of the Malgaca Marketplace in his famous book of 'Seyahatname'. The people of Urla, who have been celebrating for 27 years during the grape harvest, made these celebrations traditional. This event is celebrated under the name of 'Grape Festivities' under the leadership of Urla Municipality and Chamber of Agriculture with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Concerts, interviews and different events take place during the grape harvest which is celebrated for two days in Urla. Visitors have the opportunity to examine the processes from picking the grape to bottling it as wine on site and participate in wine making tours.


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