The Most Romantic Terrace in Izmir

The Historical lift, which has become one of the symbols of Izmir draws attention with its story and magnificent view, is one of the places you should visit in Izmir. You will not be able to forget the romantic moments you spent in The Historical Lift.

The elevator has a quite interesting story. Let's talk about its history first; The Historical Elevator connects Mithatpaşa Street, one 58 meters higher than the other, and Şehit Nihatbey Street. It was built in 1907 by the Jewish businessman "Nesim Levi (Bayraklıoğlu)" for the purpose of providing fast and easy transportation between two districts, which can be reached by 155 steps from one to the other. The only elevator made for this purpose in Turkey, but there is among the few examples in the world.

Since the Karataş region of Izmir has been used as a quarry throughout history, the coastline and the Halil Rıfat Paşa district above are separated from each other by cliffs. The stairs between the two districts called the "Karataş Stairs" by the Turks and the "Devidas' Ladder" by the Jews living in the above district were built. At the top of the stairs was the house of the Devidas family, and the largest house below was the house of a merchant named Nesim Levi. It is said that after Father Devidas fell on the stairs one day and broke his foot, his friend Nesim Levi developed the idea of building an elevator similar to what he saw in European cities. The  tower was built with bricks brought from Marseille. The income of the elevator, whose construction was completed in 1907, was used to cover the expenses of the Karataş Jewish Hospital until it was sold in 1942.

The elevator, which changed hands in 1942, was donated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 1983 after being closed for a while due to the operators stopping work and dying. The elevator, which was first restored in 1985, was renovated during the restoration on Dario Moreno Street and was put into service in 1993. Before the restoration, one of the elevators in the tower was powered by steam and the other by electricity.

The Historical Lift, which is used by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality as a place of entertainment, culture and recreation, is one of the most important tourist stops in Izmir.

The elevator has a cafe-restaurant and a viewing terrace on the upper floor; It can be reached from Dario Moreno Street, which has historical houses, stylish and pleasant cafes, shops and galleries. The tower rises as a brick after the stone part. At the point where the elevator rises, you reach the wooden observation deck carried on iron consoles. The cast iron railings of the terrace are decorated with the most beautiful motifs of the period when they were built. You can watch the city of Izmir from a bird's eye view from the observation deck with a magnificent view. If you wish, you can enjoy the stunning bay view and unique city panorama while having your meal in the restaurant.

Let us state that going up with the elevator and enjoying this wonderful view is free of charge. The Historical Lift can be used 7 days a week between 08.00 - 24.00.

Address: Turgut Reis Mah., Şehit Nihatbey Cd. 76 / A, 35000 Konak, Izmir

Tel: 0 (232) 2934780


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