Vegan-friendly city Izmir

Izmir and its surroundings are rich in fruit and vegetable production and natural products. The variety of public markets draws attention with healthy vegetable dishes. This richness is also reflected in vegetarian and vegan foods. Izmir stands out with its vegetarian, vegan-friendly dishes, and cafes and restaurants serving in this area.

Vegetarianism and veganism have been on the rise all over the world in recent years. Now, businesses are more sensitive to this issue. The number of places with vegetarian and vegan menus is increasing rapidly in Izmir, and there are many places that are becoming famous in this area. In addition to the special dishes that these places offer, Izmir also stands out with the public markets in their districts and the variety of vegetables and herbs they have.

The Aegean region and Izmir, its heartland, stands out with the variety of herbs, vegetable-based dishes, and quality olive oil. Healthy eating is almost the motto of the city. Izmir is one of the rare cities in the world that has included it in its daily life. Therefore, the nutritional alternatives of those who have vegetarian and vegan diet are quite wide in Izmir.

Some of Izmir's vegetarian and vegan-friendly flavors; Beans with Arapsaçı, Green beans with olive oil, sour Cretan squash, stuffed pumpkin flowers, zucchini pabucaki, kenger, stuffed celery, spinach pastries with herb cheese, pancakes, stuffed artichoke, stuffed grape leaves with olive oil, wrapped cabbage with vegetables, radish salad, cibes, chicory salad , purslane salad, mustard herb salad, ivy salad, sea beans, stinging nettle salad, roasted halvacık, ground apple with wheat, Greek paste with cheese, zucchini tarator, grilled artichoke, Aegean herb plate, cunda paste

Thousands of Aegean herbs, fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits can be found in all district markets.Especially remarkable markets such as with an Attracting attention with its size and diversity, established on Sundays “Bostanlı Organic Market”,

One of Turkey's biggest open-air market “Tuesday Bazaar Tire”, “Foça Yeryüzü Pazarı” one and only member of Earth Market with 28 members located in 8 countries worldwide, Largest in the region with 650 producers and 1,200 trades

110 years of market “Ödemiş Saturday Grand Bazaar” and “Kaleiçi Organic Bazaar” established in Turkey’s first inhabitants (Cittaslow) town Sığacık District of Seferihisar.

It is possible to find venues that offer vegetarian and vegan food in all districts of Izmir. It offers more alternatives to Alsancak and Karşıyaka in Izmir. Also, coastal districts such as Çeşme, Urla and Seferihisar have rich alternatives in this regard. Some of them are so popular that you should make a reservation in advance.

The variety of food they offer is remarkable as well as the number of places. In their menu, vegan breakfast options, vegan ravioli, vegan lahmacun (turkish pita), vegan burgers, smoothie bowls, vegan snacks, salads, raw cheesecakes and different drinks stand out. There are even places that offer vegan döner, baklava and rice pudding. It is in places that attract attention with hundreds of kinds of turkish pancakes on offer. There are also many options for coffee and ice cream. You can also buy products such as soy meat,vegan yogurt, vegan cheese, vegan butter, hummus, falafel, and meatless sausage in some places.

By the way, a little note to those who say I am not vegetarian or vegan; These cafes and restaurants are not only important for those who have a vegetarian or vegan diet; They are also a good option for diabetics, those on a gluten-free diet, those with food allergies, insulin resistance, those who exercise, and those who diet.


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