Visit Izmir in Autumn

The people of Izmir know the value of the city they live in, and enjoy the beauties it offers. Even though Izmir is known as a summer city, they welcome the autumn with enthusiasm, because autumn is another beauty in Izmir's villages.

Izmir has dozens of towns and villages with different geographical features. Naturally, the unique beauties you will experience in spring and autumn as you please. We have compiled for you the unique villages of Izmir where you can enjoy the autumn.

Birgi Village attracts attention with its centuries-old trees and historical buildings

Birgi Village, which hosts serials and movies from time to time, deserves attention with its centuries-old trees, red-tiled stone houses and historical buildings. This beautiful village, whose roots date back to 3000 BC and has hosted many civilizations, has been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage tentative list since 2012. In this beautiful village, which welcomes its guests with colorful trees in autumn, old mansions, madrasah, tomb and historical mosques attract attention. Çakırağa and Sandıkoğlu mansions, Ulu Mosque, the first mosque of the principalities, built in 1312, are historical buildings that must be visited. The pulpit of Ulu Mosque, made of walnut wood with the "kundekari" technique, and its minaret covered with tiles, built without nails, are dazzling. If you arrive in Birgi in the morning, you can prepare for the trip with a delicious village breakfast adorned with natural products. You should definitely try the potato dishes made of the famous Ödemiş potatoes and the Töngül pita. Do not neglect to buy organic products on your return. Birgi Village, where you can stay in the municipality's Birgi hotel or in the boutique hotels in the village, is 120 kilometers from Izmir.

Gölcük, a paradise on earth

When you come to the Birgi Village, it is impossible not to stop by Gölcük. Lake Gölcük, located on the charming plateau in Bozdağlar, is one of the heavens on earth with its magnificent nature, air, architecture and accommodation facilities. Especially in autumn, when the orange, green and brown tones of the trees are blended with the lake's dark blue waters, wonderful images emerge in Gölcük. You will watch this extraordinary view that offers a different riot of colors at every hour of the day, and you will feel very happy while breathing in the clean air. Let us remind those who want to stay in this peaceful environment that the historical building by the lake, where İsmet İnönü stayed in 1934, still serves as a hotel. You will not forget the extraordinary view, the walks you will take on the Gölcük Plateau, along the lake and in the forest, and you will want to go often. Gölcük is 18 kilometers from Ödemiş and 130 kilometers from Izmir.

A village at the foot of the forest where you will avoid evil eyes: Nazarköy

Nazarköy, which was established on the outskirts of the forest in Kemalpaşa district, takes its name from the handmade bead production. Beautiful ornaments, amulets, beads, necklaces and earrings are produced in glass workshops located in the village. The village has become so identified with these production and products that it has been hosting the Bead Festival for years. You can always find these beautiful products in the shops and stalls in the bead market of the village. The only feature of Nazarköy is not only the glass objects it produces, but also famous for its nature and cherries. There are walking areas and flowing streams in the trees you can walk around. There are also places in nature where you can have breakfast, have a snack and have a drink. It is very easy to reach Nazarköy, one of the constant addresses of nature lovers and travelers' routes. Nazarköy, which is 25 kilometers from the center of Izmir, is only 5 kilometers from Kemalpaşa.

Maldives of Izmir, Bademli

If you are one of those who say something else to enjoy the sea in autumn, Bademli is just for you. This village, surrounded by nature lying on the shore of the sea, among olive trees, reminds of the Maldives with its deep blue waters, but it is much more calm and virgin than it. You will be amazed by the color of the sea in Bademli. Do not neglect to walk in the village and its surroundings and do not return without drinking the famous grove waters and buying olives.By traveling from Izmir Çanakkale highway, it is possible to reach Bademli from Izmir in 1.5 hours.

Visit Şirince in autumn

We all know Şirince, an old Greek village of Izmir's Selçuk District. Famous for its fruit wines and restored Greek houses, Şirince is also a natural wonder. That is why the pleasure of Şirince in Autumn is different. Şirince, where architecture and nature intertwine, is a perfect choice for the weekend with its cobblestone pavements (Arnavut Kaldırımları) and delicious natural food. You can enjoy this cute village away from the crowds of the summer, just like its name. In addition to the streets of the village where whitewashed houses and trees are intertwined, you can visit the St. John the Baptist Church from 1805, the Hodri Square Tower, where you can see the village panoramically, the Theater Madrasa and the Nesin Mathematics Village, which makes us all love mathematics. Şirince is only 87 kilometers from the center of Izmir. Don't miss out before winter comes.


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